Leak: LG G Watch System dump, Boot animation, new Android Logo, G Watch UI elements and more

The LG G Watch is the upcoming wearable device from the manufacturer and until now we have nothing much about the watch except that it runs on Google’s Android wear OS and few other leaks show that the device support 3G connectivity. The latest leak posted by the Twitter handle UpLeaks is the most exciting leak on the LG G Watch so far, and it provides the System dump of this wearable device which we are digging right now for finding more exciting things about the LG G Watch .

UpLeaks has also uploaded the boot animation of the LG G Watch in the Youtube which is newly designed for the G Watch. The boot animation clearly hinting the features the Watch offers like the Weather forecast, Clock and Alarm etc… which can seen from the video.

Check the Boot animation Of LG G Watch



By digging the System dump, we also found some default wallpapers that comes with the watch and the Android KitKat Plat logo which you can see from the pictures below:

lg-g-watch-default-wallpaper lg-g-watch-default-wallpaper-2 lg-g-watch-plat-logo

Watch faces: We’ve also found some of the watch faces that come stock with the device along with some beautiful clock backgrounds.

Flat icons: It appears that LG carried the Circular flat icons style from the LG G3 UI, and we dug some icons for you

Google now cards: LG also included some pretty cards that will appear for Google Now items, like birthdays, traffic, weather, places, stocks, etc…

You can also dig around the System dump by downloading it from the link provided below:

LG G Watch leaked System Dump download link.

Via UpLeaks