LG G Watch to run on Snapdragon 400 MSM8226 quad-core processor?

Wow, it was really tiresome as well as exciting to dig the System dump of the LG G watch which was allegedly leaked by the twitter leakster @UpLeaks. While we’re digging around we came up with some interesting new facts that was earlier a void about the LG G watch.

The build.prop gave us a lot of information about the upcoming watch. Here are a few findings we dug after an hour long dig.


From these lines the build.prop of the System dump we have came to know that the LG G Watch dubs with the product name Platina and the Codename for the product was Dory.

Yet another surprising find is the hint of chipset that is powering the LG G Watch. The build.prop reveals the following code to us:


This means that the up-coming LG G Watch is to be powered by the Snapdragon 400 MSM8226 quad-core processor.

There are few other pieces of code which gives a sneak-peak what the LG G watch comes with.

ro.build.description=platina-user 4.4W KKV51 1187829 release-keys

The firmware build on the LG G Watch is KKV51 and with 4.4W, where W could stand for “Wear” but we’re not sure what KitKat and Wear are doing together here.