LG G Flex 2 Nougat & Marshmallow update: 6.0.1 based H95520C build released for European sets

Update [October 18, 2016]: The G Flex 2 isn’t a very popular device exactly, but it deserves the Android 7.0 Nougat update totally. Well, while LG will be pushing out the 7.0 builds to the like of G5 first, the G5’s release dates gives us an idea about when we could expect the 7.0 update to roll out for the G Flex 2. Well, today, we got some confirmation that G5 Nougat release date is set for mid-November 2016. Considering LG will be take a while to update G4, G4 and V10, it may turn its head towards the G Flex 2 users with Nougat in hand by the end of Q1, or more appropriately Q2 2017.


The European G Flex 2 sets are receiving the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update today, with the software version being H95520C. The 20C update is right now available for download via LG’s PC suite, as can be seen in the screenshot above.

LG is yet to announce the update formally, so we don;t have the full changelog available yet, but don’t let that cast any doubt on it’s Marshmallow-ness, because as you can see in the shot above, it clearly mentions MMR1, which stands for Marshmallow Release1.

If you are using the G Flex 2 in Europe, one whose model no. is H955, then go ahead give it a try using LG PC Suite.

LG G Flex 2 Nougat update: When would it release?

Expected release date: Q2 2017.

Well, seeing that LG is still distributing Marshmallow to its G Flex 2 sets, one cannot be too hopeful of seeing the Nougat update in action anytime soon.

Though, LG has good record with Nougat. First, its V20 is the first device to come with Nougat pre-installed, while, its G5 is first one to receive Nougat (although as testing, for some odd 2000 units in Korea).

So, if LG gets its things together, it can prepare and release the G Flex 2 Nougat update in Q1 2017. But it won’t most probably, so we’re hopeful of Q2 2017 release.

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