Lenovo Zuk Z2 and Z2 Pro Nougat update: Z2 Pro Android 7.0 OTA released in China

Update [January 19, 2017]: RELEASED! Lenovo has begun roll out of the Zuk Z2 Pro Android 7.0 Nougat update, which comes as software version ZUI 2.5.355. The update is already available as an OTA in China, while we think more countries would be covered pretty soon by the company. If you are using the Z2 Pro in Europe, or India, you should see the Nougat OTA update notification pretty soon, by January-end perhaps, otherwise early-February.


Update [November 15, 2016]: The Zuk Z2 Plus got a massive leak today, as we saw a firmware based on Android 7.0 Nougat come out on the web, albeit unofficially. The firmware is available for download for those interested, but it ain’t a very easy process to do so. Given the situation, it seems the Zuk Z2 Nougat release is pretty much very close now, for all variants it seems: Zuk Z2, Z2 Pro and Z2 Plus.

Update [October 22, 2016]: Lenovo is pushing an OTA update for both of its Z2 sets, the Zuk Z2 and Zuk Z2 Pro. The new update packs in October security patch, for the Z2 (software version 2.3.042) while there is August security patch embedded in Z2 Pro software update (version 2.3.044). Check out the full changelog here.


The Zuk Z2 Nougat update may not be available already, but like the OnePlus 3 Nougat that is under testing (we know because their CEO teased it earlier), we believe the same is the case with Lenovo Zuk Z2 Nougat update too.

Because, we’re seeing more than several listing of the Zuk Z2 on Geekbench benchmark site, showing both the Z2-121 and Z2-131 variants running Android 7.0. You know, you should really bookmark this page and check back regularly as we will bring you the news at the earliest once an official or unofficial build of Nougat for Zuk Z2 becomes available. Maybe Lenovo’s CEO can try a teaser or two, too. Hmm?

Now, this could easily be a custom ROM, BTW. From the Geekbench listing we can’t verify for sure whether the build in question is official 7.0 firmware in works, or is an unofficial custom ROM being cooked, but we do think that most probably it’s CM14 or some AOSP ROM that will get us first taste of Nougat on Zuk Z2.

Lenovo Zuk Z2 Nougat: Proof

Here are the listings that show Zuk Z2 running Nougat.

Oh BTW, here’s a reason why we think this could be a more of unofficial Nougat custom ROM than official firmware. Knowing Lenovo, which is quite lethargic with updates, we can’t expect the company to bring the Android 7.0 update to us on Zuk Z2 this early. It has to be in and around January 2017 at the best given Lenovo update track record.Why this is not official Nougat firmware?

Zuk Z2 Nougat update release

Well, expect the unofficial 7.0 update to become available for Zuk Z2 by the month’s end.

Though, is purely official Lenovo Nougat is what you want, then hold out till Jan or Feb 2017.

So, what are your thoughts on it?

Zuk Z2 Firmware and OTA Download

Here’s the OTA file for Lenovo Zuk Z2, version 2.3.042, which come with October patch.


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  • Cip

    No chinese device will ever get the nougat update, OR any other android update whatsoever 🙂 That’s the price you pay for paying half the price if you understand what I mean 😀

    • Gilson

      You’re sooooooo wrong… 😉

    • I got it about a week ago.

    • David Hugo

      You have underestimated chinese phone lol. Why you doubt a company that bought IBM and Motorola? Wahahaha!!




      I purchased from China zuk z2 64gb. But. No any option for upgrade. Google play store problem in installed zui 1.9.044 version. How can it update. Write me step.

  • Vincent

    Do you think / know if Nougat on Z2 will be multilanguages ?

  • DC

    Any news on when the nougat will be available for Lenovo Z2 Plus users? -thanks

    • Vijit Dua

      I think but after 2 3 months

  • Bruno Salem

    Any news? Still not received ghe message.

  • Where tutorial to update? Im a noob

  • is this support indonesian language sir?

  • Guddu Yadav

    no nougat update for indian version of z2. maybe next year.

    • Vijit Dua

      Yes none , they are very slow

  • Vijit Dua

    Well I have syill not received any update for z2 plus in india

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