Specs of Lenovo PHAB2 Pro, the first Project Tango Android phone, leaked

Lenovo’s PHAB series is well known for its large sized phones, so it comes to no wonder that the company’s first project Tango phone will be given PHAB branding when the display size is decided at gigantic 6.4-inch (for a phone, that’s to say, even though we’ve seen bigger phones already).

It was only imperative that a 6.4″ screen is given the pixel-power of a QHD display, and given how the spec-sheet is shaping to be, we wouldn’t rule out stuff like Snapdragon 820 processor (or more), 4GB RAM (or more), etc. as part of the package.

Camera department is something where we aren’t much sure about how things will shape up, as cameras form the most important factor for a Project Tango phone, which sees and analyzes the world with its special set of camera, motion tracking sensor and depth sensor, tunes input from these sensors together, and then provides the info we expect a Project Tango phone to provide.


Current Project Tango (demo) devices feature 4MP 2µm camera, which is why we’re not betting on larger MP-toting cameras like 20MP sensor with Laser Autofocus and OIS and such, though they could be part of the package too, but a faster and resource-light 8-10MP 2µm camera coupled with motion and depth sensors makes most sense for a Project Tango device.

While 6.4″ is pretty large for a phone, we think Project Tango needs such large display for proper display of its specialized output, which is cool Augmented Reality content. Be that a virtual Dinosaur you are shooting in the game in your own real-world drawing room, or drawing the furniture of your bedroom, you would need a big screen to work things out easily using a Project Tango device. What do you say?

As clock keeps on ticking, and weeks and months pass by, among other things, there will be increase in the no. of project phones released by various Android dedicated OEMs based on your favorite OS with little Green mascot — so let’s hope Lenovo PHAB2 Pro comes out as a phone everyone who buy comes to love it, such that it makes others buy this phone. That will give Project Tango a good kick-start.

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