Lenovo introduces Smart Cast: Smartphones with embedded laser projector

It’s been a busy day for Lenovo at it’s TechWorld event in Beijing today, where the company had multiple announcements to make including the launch of Moto Maker for China.

One of the most interesting things Lenovo unveiled at the event here was “Smart Cast” — Lenovo’s new pico-projecting smartphone concept. Smart Cast basically embeds a small projector — or a pico projector as Lenovo likes to call it — inside the Smartphone which then allows users to project a variety of things such as movies, video games along with control and user input interfaces such as keyboards etc. onto a wall or other flat surface.

Not only does Smart Cast project things onto surfaces, but it also allows for user interaction using Lenovo’s Gesture recognition software that allows for gesture recognition including clicking, sliding and multi-touch.


The Chinese manufacturer had invited famous pianist Lang Lang who demoed the capabilities of the Smart Cast pico projector which according to Lenovo CTO Peter Hortensius “is the world’s first laser projector in a smartphone, as well as being the world’s smallest pico projector.”

While we don’t think Lenovo is planning to ship devices embedded with the pico projector anytime soon, we do believe that the integration of this technology into main stream devices is not quite that far either and when that happens, we will have another piece of what was part of the sci-fi culture turn into reality, right before our eyes.

Stay Tuned!!

Source: AndroidCentral

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