Learning books is more enthusiastic with the Booktrack Classroom app

Learning books is quite humdrum in times. The lack of curiosity costs you a  few weeks to complete a single book. This is the main cause for many people to shift towards animations or movies from books. But as someone from the past says – a book is man’s best friend. So to get you back on the track, here comes a great app that makes learning so much fun and enthusiastic.

Booktrack Classroom is an educational app that makes reading books more interesting. This new educational app loved by teachers and students alike. Booktrack Classroom allows students to read with a movie-style soundtrack, or to create their own soundtrack for any story, essay or other text. Students can also create and publish their own Booktracks, reading them on the web or on mobile phones and tablets.


The Classroom app provides you access to its large library of books which are available online for both paid and free services. The books are easily accessible to read and the inbuilt reader is a perfect fit for book bugs. The font arrangement and page layout was smoothly designed to provide comfort for your eyes while reading. The font size and the layout can be easily configured.

Users can create a new Booktrack account or Sign-in to an existing account to avail more services. With this online account service people can create their own booktracks and share them to other people. Teachers can make an innovative lecture and share it to all the students. Even students can make their own booktracks and enhance their innovation in learning. The cloud services provided by this app are unlimited and each have its own prominence.

The app survey reflects in a great improvement in the students learning capabilities. So buckle up and head on to the Playstore link below to download this app.

The Good
  • Large book collection
  • Comfortable built-in ebook reader
  • Cloud services for sharing booktracks
The Bad
  • Night mode is missing in the ebook reader

Get it on the play store using the link below.

  Download Classroom


Booktracks-Classroom-screenshots Booktracks-Classroom-screenshots-2

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