Learn the Ancient Secrets Of 50 Different Herbs with AyurvedaBook Android App

Our forefathers used ayurvedic and herbs to cure every small thing related to health, be it injury or internal health problems. Fortunately we android users still have the privilege to know details of those Ayurveda plants and herbs with the use of this Ayurveda Book app.

It is a must have app for all as it gives detailed knowledge of each plants and herbs which have potential uses. It is well said by our fore father that everything in a proper limit is beneficial then getting into extremes, so this app also highlights risks and potential side effects for each herb which can be very critical at times especially when you want to create a new ayurvedic medicine for sneezing, cough or cold. A right amount of everything. The natural herbs include our day to day herbs too like elaichi, onion, almond, amla, tulsi and many more.

  • This application enlist some of the rare listed Ayurveda Herbals
  • The applications show the description with image and also provide their side effects.
  • Ayurveda Book contains more than 50 different herbals details.
  • It requires 2.1 android version and above.
  • It do not show a clear picture of the plant and herbs

Download the application and know more about Ayurveda herbals remedies.