[Leak] Sony SmartBand SWR12 to come with a heart rate sensor

Sony is in fact getting ready to launch a new SmartBand, to either complement or upgrade the SWR10 in its lineup of wearable accessories. A new patent listing has revealed Sony’s upcoming fitness wearable going by the model number SWR12.

Apparently, this fitness wearable will feature a built in heart rate sensor which will periodically monitor your heart rate to check your activity and stress levels. We assume all its data will be pumped into Sony’s Lifelog app, which will build a historical profile for all your activities. This app currently gathers data from the sensors in the existing SmartBands.

Well, the new SmartBand SWR12 looks quite similar to the SWR 10, the difference being the former one has a heart rate sensor. Other than that, there seems to be no other changes and hence, this is shaping up to be an incremental update.

Several smartwatches on the market have had this for quite some time now and this does not exactly come out as a ground breaking feature. Moreover, this is just a fitness band and not a full blown smartwatch. It is likely that Sony will be announcing this fitness wearable at MWC which begins in early March. Also, it was reported that Sony will maintain a low profile during the event and no flagship announcements are expected to be on the cards.

Via: XperiaBlog