[Leak] Here’s is the Samsung Galaxy S6 we all have been waiting for, and guess what! It’s Not Impressive

Samsung has been making so much noise lately with a number of Galaxy S6 teasers posing the device as self-obsessed of itself and saying things like I’m that, I’m This.. I’m the Next Galaxy, sh*t like that. The company even went ahead to make fun of the rumors surrounding its next flagship phone. But you know what Samsung, your precious Galaxy S6 has just leaked out on a German website, and we took a look at it, and said “It’s not impressive”.

Why not impressive? Because our dear Samsung once again forgot to be original and copied the iPhone 6 design without shame. One look at the leaked picture of Galaxy S6 and you’ll get the sick copy-paste-job feel that Samsung did from the design of iPhone 6.

Anyway, for what it’s worth. We would agree that at-least it looks better now from the past three generations of the device — Galaxy S3, S4 and S5. The device features a glass back, not metal. Also, TouchWiz launcher doesn’t seem refreshed, the old aging icons are still there in one of the pictures.

As per the source, the leaked pictures are of AT&T Galaxy S6, coming directly from an AT&T employee.

Take a look yourself:

GALAXY S6 EDGE also pictured, seems to have slightly less curved screen than Galaxy Note Edge that released late last year.

Source: All About SmasungXDA
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