Latest Video by LG Shows New Features of UX 4.0 Days Before LG G4 Launch

lg ux 4.0

LG G4 will be breaking all the existing rumors and speculations on April 28 as it gets unveiled officially. In the meantime, the firm has released a video that highlights the features that its new UX 4.0 will bring.

Talking of the new features that will arrive with the UX 4.0 debuting alongside LG G4, the video reveals some of them that are explained below.

Well, the UX 4.0 brings new features such as Quick Memo+, Ringtone ID and camera centric Quick Shot and Gesture Interval Shot. The previous video showed the Quick Shot video and it seems to allow the users to capture a photo quickly by double tapping the rear volume button of the LG G4 even when the device is locked.

The Gesture Interval Shot is likely to let the users to snap a sequence of self portrait shots by signaling the smartphone to capture four shots when the user waves a hand.

The two other features Ringtone ID and Quick Memo+ have been shown off in the recently leaked video and they show that these are improvements to the interface. Ringtone ID will let the users to create customized rigntones for their favorite contacts. On the other hand, the Quick Memo+ will let users to strip an article to text without excess information like the reading mode in browsers.

To know more about the upcoming UX 4.0 that will debut on the LG G4 smartphone, we need wait till the 28th of this month.

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