L720TVPECOF1: Sprint Galaxy S4 Triband edition gets new update, includes Factory Reset protection

Sprint is rolling out a new update for its Samsung Galaxy S4, Triband edition that comes with a model no. of SPH-L720T. Note that regular Sprint S4’s model is SPH-L720, sans T that is. The update brings the Factory Reset protection to the device, something which is Samsung’s been installing via OTA on all its Galaxy device. Dubbed as L720TVPECOF1, there is no Android version upgrade, 5.1 is not a go for Sprint S4 anyway, and it looks nothing else is there in the update worth talking about.

If you own a Triband edition Sprint S4, be sure to check for updates in Settings > About device. And do let us know if you do spot any visual changes. If you are not able to receive the OTA update notification, then be sure to install the L720TVPUCOD2 firmware, the previous latest firmware and base for this new update.

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