Korean LG G4 Specs confirmed to boast a Quad HD display!

With the LG G3, company’s best performing device to date, it upped the game with the inclusion of Quad HD (2K) display and 3GB RAM, when both HTC One (M8) and Samsung Galaxy S5 were playing it cool with 2GB RAM and Full HD display.

Fast forward to today, next generations of both of those two big phones are said to be equipped with Quad HD display and 3GB RAM, but for the moment it seemed LG would pip both Samsung and HTC again with a 3K display on LG G4, only for today’s leak to confirm the opposite. Fresh reports indicate that the Korean version of the G4 would feature a display rocking Quad HD resolution (1440 x 2560 pixels) , not 3K (1620 x 2880 pixels).

Someone interested in perusing though the system dump files did peruse one such dump file of the Korean LG G3, model no. F400L, running Lollipop, and found the mention of the G4 meant for Korea, by the model nos. LG F500L/S/K.

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That mention was along with the text QUD, which you know is G3’s Quad HD display. It’s not a disappointment in any way, though, because G4 is rumored to remain of the same size as G3, and higher resolution is almost meaningless unless you’re playing 4K recording. In most cases, a 3K display would only drain battery faster due thanks to those extra pixels consuming extra power, while no noticeable improvement will be felt by user over a Quad HD one, which has actually crossed limits for some people.


There is also a mention of two more devices, LG F510L/K/S and LG F540L, model no. of Korean G Flex 2 and maybe a next generation of L90, a medium range device, respectively. Full HD resolution is mentioned for G Flex 2, which we know from the official announcement, is indeed the resolution of its display.

On the other hand, L90 looks to have successor in production, codenamed LG C90, with an HD display, which is fine for a mid-range Android phone.

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Rumored LG G4 specs include 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor from Qualcomm (same as in G Flex 2), 3/4GB RAM, and an improved 16MP camera with same Laser auto-focus tech that we saw and loved with the G3 (you’d also find it in Lenovo Vibe Z3 Pro, btw).

The display size of LG G4 is rumored to remain at G3’s 5.5-inches, which is fine, actually.

Where we’re excited about the all LG G4 rumors and leaks, is the talk of the new design that LG is said to be readying for the G4. LG G3’s design was fine, but you don’t want a plastic back, however finished it is, in 2015, right?

Ergonomically, G3 was fine too, so LG does have a tough job of improving on G3.

An even better camera and design are where LG should be focused on, which it seems it is, while RAM and processor are gonna be almost same for flagships of 2015, except for Samsung Galaxy S6, which will be powered by company’s own Exynos 7420 processor, having dropped the Snapdragon 810 processor because of concerns over overheating fund under its tests.

What are your thoughts and wishlist for the LG G4? Have you seen and/or used G3?

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LG G4 release date is said to be somewhere around June or July, 2015. Like the G3, LG wants to play it late, little 2-3 months after HTC and Samsung are done bringing their best into the market, providing LG with necessary time, to get one up over these two — it did prove a winning strategy with G3, so we really can’t blame LG for making us wait longer in case of G4.

Could you?

Source: MyLGPhones | Via GForGames

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