‘Knock Me’ lets caller make your phone ring even in silent mode!

Developer Jagan2 has come up with a intuitive crack for those situations when your friends and family members are at loss why the hell you aren’t picking your phone, when you the silly haven’t even gotten a slightest of clue about it, because, guess what, your droid buddy is chilling it out in silent mode. He’s even treated the idea with some code, result of which is the Knock Me android app. The app keeps and eye on SMSes received, and when one of those SMS includes a word you’ve set in the app as ‘knock word’ then a call from sender of that message will ring your phone up, and all loud. Nice, right? And the app’s name is quite catchy too, right?

You can use it yourself to find your phone by ringing it after sending the knock code to yourself, even though it’s in silent mode. Another use is for students, hard at study during exam times, who usually set the phone to silent mode. They can tell family member or friends — okay, not friends! — to ring the phone using a knock word when the need be, or to wake-up him/her at given time.

The app is yet to hit the play store, and we don’t have any preview APK to share with you either, but the launch isn’t far — developer states that the Knock Me should hit the play store by tomorrow, Wednesday.

Stay with us, we’ll back shortly with the play store link.

Oh, lastly, there’s a new feature targeted for future updates, which would send callers a messaging — after they’s called you multiple times — lighting them to new age of software, letting them know that you’ve got one such cool hack installed on your phone that if they send a knock code first and then call you, your phone will siren out their call. Amazing!

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