Knock Code arrives on LG G2 with a minor update

LG G2’s design sported rear placements of the power and volume buttons, which could easily exasperate the user while using power button to wake up his device. So, LG come up with an interesting feature that could wake up the device just by tapping on the screen — Knock Knock.

“Knock Knock” or “Knock On” was one of the most notable feature of  LG G2, it lets a user to wake the phone by just tapping on the screen and not using the power button at all. The enhanced version of this feature called “Knock code” which debuted on LG G3 brought along some security to it as well. You can now set up knocks in a pattern to wake up the device.

After a lot of anticipation on the update of  Knock code for LG G2, an update of 39 MB is currently rolling out to the owners of LG G2 internationally. Knock code update for LG G2 allows you to lock your phone’s screen with a 2-8 taps pattern code that can be created from Settings » Security » Screen lock » Knock Code.

Via Android Central