Android Nougat update for Lenovo K5 Note: expected release date

One of the most popular devices of year 2016 for Lenovo, the K5 Note can be easily marked as a hit offering from Lenovo. Now many Lenovo faithfuls are waiting for the K5 Note Nougat update, which it surely deserves more than any other device currently on offer from the company.

Google released the Nougat update on August 22, so that’s a base date for every Nougat release around the world for Android devices. The date which we would compare, and calculate delay from the OEM for a device, you know!

K5 Note Nougat update: Will it arrive?

Well, definitely. K5 Note was released only this year, back in January 2016, and that’s the same year Nougat release too.

Google has repeatedly said that OEMs should be providing updates for up to two years since the device’s release, and Lenovo has a decent record to make its case too — enough to assure us that, yes, the Nougat update for K5 Note will release for sure.

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K5 Note Nougat update: When will it release?

Expected release date: January 2017.

Lenovo is not the quickest of Android OEMs to push out Android updates — though, ironically, the one OEM that is (quickest), is the company’s own subsidiary: the Motorola. We really expect latest Motorola devices to get Nougat update before its competitor devices from Samsung, LG, etc.

LG has already pushed out Nougat update for some limited no. of LG G5 users in Korea, but that’s irrelevant until massive rollout is undertaken for the device.

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Given that Marshmallow update for K3 Note and K4 Note came out on March 18 and June 1, 2016, respectively, which released on October 5, 2015, as compared to Nougat’s release on August 22, 2016, we expect the Nougat update for K5 note to release sometime in January 2017.

K5 Note CM14 and other AOSP custom ROMs

As of today, the K5 Note enjoys the CM13 ROM, which is based on Android 6.0.1. The ROM’s successor that will have Android 7.0 Nougat as base is CM14, which we think will arrive on the K5 Note too, sooner or later.

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Moreover, certain other ROMs like slim ROM, Resurrection Remix, RemixOS, etc. could make it to K5 Note too.

We hope Lenovo also comes forward and provides a Nougat roadmap of its own like Asus and Sony: Asus Nougat update | Sony Nougat update

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