JDI working on new display panel for smartwatches, may double run time

The major issue faced by smart gear manufacturers is related to the battery life. After all, how much power can you pack in a device the size of a normal watch? Well, turns out that Japan Display –A LCD development company jointly owned by Sony, Toshiba, and Hitachi — has decided to push the envelope on just this question.

The major energy consumption in Smartwatches occur in their display. Most of them employ transflective LCDs which means that the devices are lit by an internal display light — which obviously consumes power. The display panel JDI is working on however, operate on a reflective design, meaning that they do not require an internal light source and instead make use of the ambient light. While this does affect device performance in poor light scenarios, the display quality in bright lights — such as outdoors — is simply superb, along with which you have just reduced the power consumption by a significant amount.

In JDI’s case this “significant amount” may be as much as over half of the original power consumption. Applying basic algebra, we are talking about almost double the running time.

Samples of this brand new technology will be available from march and with the panels to hit mass production by July, devices employing this tech can be expected by the year end.

Source: JDI

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