International LG G4 receiving a new update in Europe, version 10C

LG has started rolling out a new update for its European LG G4 sets, that ups the software version to V10C. While we don’t have a changelog to share with you right now, at least one change has been spotted already. The ‘slow camera’ option has become part of camera modes in the camera app.

We would be sure to share the full changelog once LG opens its lips about this, but don’t expect too many changes with this. Btw, the countries in which V10C update is already available as listed in the pic above.

Though, we hope that LG includes a fix for Stagefright bug that was recently found as a critical vulnerability in Android OS. FYI, Sprint has already updated many devices (Samsung Galaxy S6/Edge/S5/Note 4/Note Edge and Nexus 5/6) to fix the said bug.

The LG G4 was already on Android 5.1.1, which is latest version of Android released to date. Let’s hope the V10C update brings some good performance improvements and a fix for Stagefright.

Via didi_ghost, thanks!
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    The LG G4 does not come with the latest version of Android. The LG G4 has 5.1, not 5.1.1 (which is why it’s plagued with the infamous Android memory leak).