Intel planning Android Tablet running Honeycomb based on its Medfield CPU

Even if you’re too much into the Android world, or let’s say the smartphones world at large, you have surely not forgotten Intel, the behemoth in the PC world. Whether you like Intel or not, thing is some of us would want Intel’s CPU units in the modern era of smartphones too, not only because it would give nice competition to existing mobile CPU makers — which is good for consumers — but also because we really believe Intel is the company that can prove to be a game-changer — despite its failure to enter the mobile market yet!

Why we’re suddenly talking about the old fella is the reason that this company is indeed keen to try its luck on the Android scene (once again!), which is becoming more of a perfect choice to enter the smartphone segment for every company on earth. At the on-going Computex event, Intel official revealed their plan to bring an ultraportable laptops — ultrabooks, as Intel calls them — which would be very slim and lightweight yet good on CPU. But that’s not what we’re excited about. It’s the Intel’s plan about an Android tablet, based on Honeycomb, which interests us as much as it should.

The Intel’s Honeycomb android tablets will be powered by the company’s Medfield CPU units, which might get featured in phones too if everything goes according to Intel’s plans. Nothing much is known about the Intel’s Android tablets plan for now except that they showcased one table at the Computex actually, but we hope the tablet comes highly spec’ed up and gives a good competition to the likes of Galaxy Tab (10.1 & 8.9), XOOM and iPad 2.

We know this is not the first time Intel is trying its luck with the smartphone/tablet market, and that it was largely unsuccessful in its previous attempts but hey, it’s still the Intel and there still remains huge probability of the outfit finally finding its own space in what seems already pretty much crowded arena. It may not happen soon, but you just can’t rule it out outright, right?

BTW, we still have eyes set on Galaxy Tab 10.1 which is hitting stores soon in US and would be available world over pretty soon too. The Tab 10.1 has already impressed us too much, so we for sure, won’t wait for Intel’s magic to happen – you get our point!

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