Install Xposed on LG G4 and G Flex 2 easily even on locked bootloader

Installing Xposed framework post-KitKat is a tedious task, and it’s not a given anymore either that Xposed is compatible with your device be default. And in such circumstances, it’s really great news for lucky LG G4 and LG G Flex 2 users that to be able to use Xposed framework and its modules, they only need root access — and don’t need TWRP recovery, thus no need to have unlocked bootloader either, which is the case with most of the G4s and G Flex 2s.

Btw, it was only today that Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge got Xposed framework compatibility too — easily another great news of the day. Back to LG devices, it’s been confirmed that this trick is working on AT&T LG G4, Sprint LG G4, Verizon LG G4 and other G4 sets like H815L, H815 SEA and H812.

It has turned out that installing Xposed framework is this simple. Really. All you need to do is flash the Xposed framework available in .zip format using a root-requiring app FlashFire, and then the app has done its job — it takes some very long 30 minutes for this, btw! — just proceed further to install Xposed framework’s APK as you usually do.

That’s it. Do the required reboot, and Xposed should be working now. Download the Xposed modules and enjoy the extra customization and features that Xposed modules bring you. Thank tabp0le over at XDA for this, btw, he’s the one who unearthed this.

Here’s how:

  1. Root your device: LG G4G Flex 2. Search our site for root for these devices. And ask us in comments section below if you need any help with this.
  2. Install FlashFire App.
  3. Download required stuff:
    1. Xposed Framework in .zip format (go for ARM64 build).
    2. Xposed Framework in usual APK format.
  4. Open FlashFire app, provide it root access, and use its Flash Zip option to install Xposed framework in .zip format (from step 3.1 above).
    → FlashFire app will take its time, about 30 minutes. So, wait until the app is done.
  5. Now, open any file manager app, browse to where you have Xposed installer in APK format, and tap on it to install it.
  6. That’s it. Open the Xposed app, enable Xposed from settings, and then give your device a reboot to activate it.

Download Xposed modules and install and use them to begin the fun!

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  • Xeone

    I tries many times on my g flex 2..but phone reboots normally and no frameworks installed after the flash…and the flash time is ~14mins.

    • Make sure you’re flashing NOT sdk23 which is for Marshmallow only. Let me know if this works for you. I just flashed my 5.1.1 zv9 build last night successfully with sdk22.

  • nguyen

    Don’t work with LG flex 2 Sprint ls996 . I think because of no custom recovery availale for this model.

  • Flexx

    Didn’t work on my h950…when trying to flash xposed with FlashFire, phone shuts off and does not turn back on. Have to hold volume down + power for 10 seconds to get it back on. Was worried that I had it bricked. Any suggestions?

    • Hisaam

      I got the same problem man…
      I’m using FlashFire 0.24 + Xposed sdk22 (79 and 84) zips and it just powers off my screen with no solution.

  • Johan

    As I understand, you need unlocked boot loader to install custom recovery, which is not available for Flex2, thus you won’t be able to flash zip package…. or I am missing something?

  • John

    Doesn’t work at all (H950) SDK 22 ARM64, Phone reboots in about 30 seconds with no xposed. Installed the Alpha apk for Lollipop and it says not installed all the time. Phone is 2 days old and rooted(obviously)

  • D-Row

    For those not successfully getting the framework installed (you’lll be able to tell because the FlashFire op will finish much faster than 30-45 minutes), I found that using an OLDER version of FlashFire is the solution…. You’ll need 0.24 instead of 0.28 which is what the link in this app will send you…. Hope this helps

  • don black

    you need to use the old flashfire .24 beta

  • noname

    yes the old version .24 beta works on lg g flex 2 v15c. the latest version fireflash dont work on g flex2

  • poi

    how long is the screen spose to say sprint spark

  • Hisaam

    Hi guys,

    Here’s what worked for me:
    1. Flashfire 0.32 Beta
    2. v79-sdk22 of xploited amd64 zip
    3. All flashfire options per zip UNCHECKED.
    4. Flash button pressed and make sure no “failure” text occurs. System will reboot pretty quick but you’ll know it succeeds when apps are “optimizing”
    5. Install Xposed APK and validate framework option shows xposed is installed. Turn on options for G4 Tweaker and reboot (optional)

  • Jaime

    Does this work with v86 sdk22 arm64?

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