Install XCam on your LG G2/GPro2/G3 to unleash its camera prowess

LG, as an Android manufacturer, not many years ago was considered an also-ran. But fast forward to now, and it has carved a niche with devices like the LG G2 and G3 which were acclaimed all over. But we are here for something more specific today, namely, the camera.

With the LG G2, LG upped their game in the camera department. The device had a 13MP AF camera with OIS, and the G3 after it continued in a similar vein. The hardware has been really good, but the Camera software, as it happens with most device manufacturers these days, wasn’t everybody’s piece of cake. But not for long, as we stumbled upon this promising Camera app/mod by recognised XDA developer, xdabbeb.

The XCam app (currently on ver. 5.1) for the LG G2, the G pro 2 and the G3 puts all the core functionalities that you want from your smartphone camera, right to your fingertips. If you have stock firmware running on one of the above mentioned devices, you should be able to get this camera software running without a hiccup. The developer states that the stock firmware is needed because the mod requires default camera binaries, so even if you have installed some other camera mod, this might not work.

XCam has explicit settings for most image control options along with the added perk of shutter control options. One example of an enhancement we really liked, is the option to have uncompressed images at 100% jpeg quality. There are numerous other options with added functionality coming along with the donation supported XCam Settings app from the Play Store. You can check out the original post over at XDA for instructions, if needed, although it is a simply installable APK while the Settings app has to be downloaded separately for added functionality.

Just head over to the XDA thread to arm your camera to the teeth. We have also attached the APK for your convenience though.

 icon-download Download XCam v5.1 APK   |   XCam LG Settings (Donate)

Install the apk like you’d install any other APK file on your phone. For help, check out our page on → How to install APK files on Android.

  • Jeff Gauthier

    gets a “file can not be saved error” when taking a picture. Video starts then immediately stops. Stock camera is still working fine.

    • Ila dome

      Im getting same prob. On the stylo

  • turbulence

    4k isnt working for me even though i bought xcam lg settings