How to share multiple photos in a Instagram story

Until now, if you wished to upload two pictures in a grid inside Instagram Stories, your only option would have been to download a third-party app to convert two or more of your pictures into a collage. Instagram has now started rolling out a feature update that fixes this without needing another app to get things done.

With the latest Layout feature, users can now upload more than two pictures into the same Instagram story, making room for a more interactive post. You can add a total of six pictures inside a single Story which was previously only possible with the help of a third-party app. The Layout feature, however, doesn’t offer customizations and other options like a collage-making app would, but at least you don’t have to download and install an app to get done with the basics.

How to share multiple photos to an Instagram story

In order to start starting multiple photos inside an Instagram story, follow this guide. The Instagram Layout feature, used for sharing multiple pictures should be readily available as one of the modes inside Instagram’s Stories section.

  1. Open the Instagram app on your phone.
    • Make sure you’ve installed the latest version of the app from Google Play.
  2. On the app’s home screen, tap on “Your Story” to open the Stories camera.
    • You can, alternatively, swipe from left to right on the home screen to open the Stories camera.
  3. Slide across different modes at the bottom till you select the “Layout” option.

  4. Choose between different layouts, depending on the kind or number of pictures you want to upload inside a Story.
    • You can select a total of six different layouts with up to 6 pictures allowed inside a single story.
  5. Click multiple pictures depending upon the layout that chose by tapping on the circular shutter button at the center.
    • You can also attach previously clicked pictures by tapping the box with a plus sign at the bottom left.
  6. When all pictures for the layout have been captured/selected, tap on the circle with a tick at the bottom to share it.
  7. Tap on Send to Story to upload the collage.

You can add other elements to your stories like GIFs, tags, stickers, text or emojis as you would on any Instagram Story.