Ingeniousity is an Incredible Math Game Which is Simple, Pacey and Very Challenging!

Everyone loves a good puzzle game time-to-time. Ingeniousity quenches your thirst for math puzzles. It is a puzzle game that requires math skills and logical reasoning, and quick reaction, too, of course. It is simple, yet complex, and will make you scratch your head quite a few times, once you’ve cleared off some basic levels in the beginning.

You are given a grid with numbers in it, and you are supposed to find the formulas and the corresponding answers from the grid. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Its not, though. The game is timed, so you have to act fast.

Ingeniousity will keep you glued to your device for good time with its nice gameplay. You can also share your scores and compete with friends to find out who amongst you is the ultimate math genius. There’s also an achievement board, to show off what achievements you have unlocked throughout the game.

Find out just how good you are in math using the link below!


Video Overview of Ingeniousity

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