India may have to wait until mid-April for the Samsung Galaxy S6 to hit the market

The 1st of March will see the launch of several brand new flagship phones. Although titans from HTC, Sony, Samsung etc. will be vying with each other at the biggest mobile event of 2015, more eyes will be turned towards the S6 than at any other, not only because it’s the Galaxy S6 but also because after the disappointments Samsung faced in 2014 — falling profits to name just one — the Galaxy S6 along with the S6 Edge has all the expectations of Samsung Inc. resting on its sleek, glass-metallic body.

India being one of Samsung’s greatest markets, the obvious question that arises is related to the time line of the release of the S6 and S6 Edge in the country. While carriers such as T-mobile have already started preparing their customers for the release of the S6, lending strength to the rumors of the S6 being available for pre-order to folks in the US around mid-march, nothing as such was known about the release schedule in India. However, if a leak reported by the Indian news site IBN Live is to be believed, the Galaxy S6 will launch in India around the second week of April, while it may be available for pre-order beginning mid-March. But, since the leaks comes from a source who choose to remain unnamed, its hard to say anything for certain until we hear from Samsung itself.


Be that as may, nothing whatsoever is mentioned about the S6 Edge which is not surprising considering that the Edge version seems to be receiving a wide berth from even rumors and leaks. In fact, we may just be looking at a staggered launch of the S6 Edge. It will not be the first time that Samsung delays the launch of a flagship variant — look at the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge — but if the news does prove to be true, it’s sure to disappoint the people looking forward to S6 Edge who — in the absence of many rumors — are already entertaining dark and depressing thoughts of the S6 Edge being very expensive, or even a limited edition item.

Well, with the MWC right around the corner, we wont have to wait for too long to get our questions answered. Until then, lets just keep our fingers crossed.

Source: IBN Live

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