Increase Storage Space on Android with SD Maid app

While exploring new and great Android apps and taking countless photos/selfies we often run our devices into low storage space error. Mostly, it gets resolved by deleting unnecessary apps or some pictures/videos from gallery, but in some cases deleting those things doesn’t help and you need to take a better look at all the unnecessary files present on your storage.

Android creates log files, crash reports, debug files and other such files that aren’t so useful for you, also apps & games you use creates cache data which in many cases ends up eating a lot of storage space on your Android device. And if that wasn’t enough, some apps even leave behind data after they’re uninstalled. All this creates huge amount of unnecessary files on your storage and they are safe to delete but you can’t find them using a regular file manager app. Thanks to the awesome developer community of Android, we’ve plenty of apps available on Play store to filter out these unnecessary files and delete them all in once to increase storage space on your Android device.

The most feature full app for this purpose is SD Maid. The app has various functions aimed specifically to find unnecessary files on your device, plus as an added benefit, SD Maid also a has full featured root explorer.

SD Maid takes full advantage of root access on your device to go even deeper to search system files for any safe-to-delete unnecessary files on your device. However, you could potentially soft-brick your device if proper caution is not taken when using the app with root access. So you’re at your own risk if you mess up anything.

The app has a simple user interface with clear explanation of each feature that it offers. Also, the settings page of SD Maid gives you options to further customize all features of the app, so that you’ve greater control over the app’s functions.

You can even schedule regular clean up of storage space on your device with options to only perform scheduled tasks when device is charging or when it’s not on low battery.

SD Maid offers its most features for free, but you have to purchase the SD Maid Pro for the AppCleaner feature which cleans the cache data of apps, and is perhaps the most useful thing to increase storage space on your Android device.

 icon-download Download SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool   |   Download SD Maid Pro – Unlocker ($2.39)

If you don’t feel like paying for the SD Maid Pro yet, there are alternative free apps to do the app cache cleaning job for free → take a look at this post.

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