IKEA Intros Furniture with Inbuilt Wireless Charging, U.S. Launch in Late Spring

ikea lamp

The latest high end smartphones are coming with the wireless charging support that will add more convenience to the users. The flagship smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy S6 also arrives with this feature. As it is one of the hottest Android biggies in the market, several firms are coming up with wireless chargers for the handset.

If you want a futuristic such wireless charger for the Galaxy S6, Samsung and IKEA have come up with one that will keep you impressed. IKEA and Samsung revealed their plans to bring wireless charging to the living room and kitchen of the houses in Europe and North America in the near future. Now, IKEA has finally let out the pricing and availability information for the new wireless charging furniture kits.


The firm has come up with nightstands and lamps with inbuilt wireless charging capabilities. IKEA has also created a versatile wireless charger called the JYSSEN that can fit into the firm’s already launched MICKE or STUVA desks. You can integrate JYSSEN into your office desk and IKEA is selling a hole saw bit called FIXA, which will cut the perfect hole for your wireless charger.

If you do not want such furniture right now, you can buy the attractive wireless charging pads that have been launched by the firm. Surprisingly, these accessories are priced inexpensively ranging from $27.99 for a wireless charging pad to $118.99 for a wireless charging lamp. The first wireless charging furniture is likely to go official in the United States in late spring.

Source: IKEA