IFTTT renames to IF, introduces three new Do Apps

IFTTT (If This Then That) is basically a web based service which grew from a single app to a series of them, all towards making things simpler and more accessible to its users.

The service has renamed its existing app for Android to IF now, and introduced three new “DO” apps namely DO camera, DO Button and DO Note. All three apps are focused to do your favorite tasks with a tap of a button. These three apps empowers you to create your own personalized camera, button and note.

Do Button

Do Button empowers you to control things with a tap of a button, such as control the temperature of Nest Thermostat, increase or decrease Philips Hue lights and close or open garage or set up a video call. You can also send your documents to Google Drive with a tap of a button. Just place the Do Button as a widget on your screen and create a recipe.

Play store

Do Camera

Do Camera empowers you share your photos automatically to Facebook to any other web service or mail them automatically to your family members or to your wife. You just have to create your recipe and you are done.

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Do Note

Do Note enable users to share notes directly to Evernote or turn them into social network posts on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and other web services. Means you write at one place and share it at all the places over the web.

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Overall IFTTT is providing a way to its users to control and integrate the digital world with a tap of a button.

Source: IFTTT