Ice Cream Sandwich Update for Galaxy S2 I9100G Now Available

This is something many owners of the I9100G variant of the Galaxy S2 have been waiting for. The Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 update for the I9100G is now rolling out in several countries, according to user reports. Yes, I9100 owners have been enjoying the Android 4.0 update for a while now, but it’s good to see Samsung didn’t waste too much time bringing the update to the I9100G.

The update may not yet be available in your country/region, but it should be on its way soon. So keep hitting the Check for updates button in the Settings » About section on the phone so you can get the update as soon as possible after it becomes available (though you’ll probably get an automatic notification about the update). We’ll be covering a full step-by-step guide as and when the update is available for manual flashing, so stay tuned.

So, have you got the update yet on your I9100G or are you still waiting for it? Let us know in the comments!

  • Not true

  • Chadiki99

    What do you mean by on its way soon … week, mouth, year maybe ??? I leave in Macedonia so I think it will arrive somewhere by the end of this year :):) 

  • Not yet in India

  • Pejman

    There is no update. Fake news

  • Francesco Ciaprini

    Me and my collegues are European and we are working in KSA. Unfortunately we are still waiting for updating to ICS 4.0.3 our I9100G bought here. Why Samsung does these differences in releasing Update? Why Samsung call in the same way two different phones with different hardware? Next time I will buy the phone in Europe or better I’ll buy an I-phone. Apple dosen’t manage its products in that unfair way. I hope Samsung will adopt more care about its costumers in the future!!!

    • IanAndOut

      Don’t be sure that buying in Europe will help next time. I bought my S2 from, only to receive a French i9100G !

      • Eek, that’s not good. Samsung did a sort of betrayal with consumers — it’s wrong to change the model number and the processor like on the go. It’s still pretty good phone but those who go for hacks find themselves completely betrayed.

        • Abe Dajani

          Honestly Samsung did this since FOREVER, but it was never that popular before, anyhow now i’m sure i’m never buying a Samsung again.

    • Abe Dajani

      i’m having the same problem to be honest, i bought the “I9100G” from Jordan, and for the love of GOD i hate every bit of it, and what pisses me off even more, when i hook it to the computer … it says your phone can not be updated through Kies, and i don’t have Hebrew “which i need”, it lags a lot forgets it has a camera sometimes …….. what am i suppose to do write a god dam* code myself ?? what am i suppose to update it through … *sighs* anyhow hope all works fine SOON.

      Any how i agree with Francisco .. i’m sticking with my WP7, much MUCH better and easier which i truly recommend, i have had it for over a year now didn’t lag once, didn’t make any problem at all.
      i was just stupid enough to upgrade my android from SE X10 mini to Samsung S2. Sorry but i had to let it out.

  • _alex

    You might want to check you can revert back befor eteh update – there’s a few comments on the March update on Cnet asking how to as ICS isn’t as good on some aspects – portrait predictive test, and contacts programs, for a start.

    • _alex

      sorry – damn predictive text

  • Mohammed Zahr

    I’m still waiting I live in KSA and i think its fake news cause there is no any new update in for any country in the world … i think this news come from other planet

  • kingfisher

    No ICS update in India… 🙁

  • Osama

    available in pakistan…………i was thinking about buying a phone with inbuilt ics but now ill be keeping it ……..ics is a lttle faster but i miss some features of gingerbread

    • Rahbarensan

      Are you sure . Do you have G Model!! I dont think so 

    • That’s great news!

      If you have updated your i9100G to Android 4.0, do share your S2’s current updated build number with us. This will help us in providing the firmware guide and links to other people who are so eagerly waiting for Android 4.0 firmware for their i9100G.

      Just in case you need help, you can check your build number in settings – about phone – scroll down and check build number.


  • Rahbarensan

    Fake news. There is no update for G model. australia never have G model. 
    There is no update of Ics for G model.

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      It’s not fake news, it’s just not available everywhere yet. 🙂

  • s2 fan

    Still waiting in malaysia

  • feyan

    i live in jordan and untill now didnt recieve any update, i started to hate samsung for that UGH!!!!

  • Mazher

    There is no update, only some rumors I found every where, only in china they update it with chinese version may be through rooting, if it comes in Asia/Pakistan, this can be a lie, because in KSA there are far more users of G model compare to Pakistan. I think GSMArena works with Samsung, only they are saying update is availaible, but we barely see any update rolling. I can only give my message to GSMArena to please stop spreading rumors, this can effect your authenticity.

  • syed akthar

    there is no update in saudi arab (ksa).so plz give us a chance for update thre are many users suffering plz solve the problem…. please reply me soon….

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