Huawei Watch update to v1.5 brings new ringtones and a Roman 3D watch face

Huawei just released a new update for its Watch to software version 1.5, and it’s pretty big one. The update aims to fix some serious issues with the Watch, including red screen tint, Bluetooth (disconnect), Google Map (rotation), call interruption and random restarts.

The Huawei Watch 1.5 update also adds 3 new ringtones, a Watch face (Roman 3D) and color display in energy-saving mode. The new ringtones are: Bounce, Dream it possible and Spring.

The update is rolling out right now in Japan, and should be done by June 29 in the country. In other regions and countries however, there is no news of update’s availability and release, at the moment.

It’s good to see Huawei care about fixing the issues and add a goodie or two with the update. You should look for a system update right away if you own Huawei’s Watch.

Via Huawei Japan

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  • Thanks for the article, it’s been hard to find anybody out there talking about this update and specially the changelog.

    • Jesullrov

      Agree. Thanks for the post. Got the update today in UAE Dubai.