Huawei Nova 3e Android 9 Pie update news: New EMUI 9 beta optimizes mistouch prevention

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March 05, 2019: Huawei is rolling out a new EMUI 9 update to the Nova 3e as version The release notes say that you must be using version in order to receive the latest OTA, so be sure to upgrade to the most immediate previous version.

As per the changelog, the update optimizes mistouch prevention, fixes general bugs and performs system-wide enhancements.

February 26, 2019: A stable EMUI update is now rolling out to the Huawei Nova 3e in China with model numbers ANE-AL00 and ANE-TL00. The airborne update installs a new security patch for January 2019, fixes bugs and performs various system optimizations.

Having just begun rolling out, it may take several days before all units receive this download.

January 21, 2019: Huawei opened the beta registration into Android 9 Pie for users of the Nova 3e and today, those whose application was successful can download and install a beta version of EMUI to the device. This update installs an unfinished version of Pie to the Nova 3e, so be sure that you really want in.

Your Nova 3e must be running EMUI in order to qualify, so make sure you have updated the phone to the proper version. Also, the update is currently limited, so don’t be surprised if your model or region isn’t invited. On the brighter side, a stable version should be released towards the end of Q1 or in early Q2 2019.

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Huawei has this habit of releasing the same phone with different names in various markets across the globe. For instance, the phone that many know as the Huawei P20 Lite is known to those in Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, China and a few other markets as the Huawei Nova 3e.

In fact, Malaysia has seen just about every other Huawei Nova device, a family of phones that started out in 2016, apparently following the failed deal between Google and Huawei with respect to the OG Pixel phones. While we already have a dedicated page for Huawei P20 Lite software update news, this page is specific to the Huawei Nova 3e, giving you all there is to know regarding the phone’s software update news, release date, download links (where possible) and their changelogs.



Huawei Nova 3e update timeline

To keep a closer eye on the software update news related to the Huawei Nova 3e, here’s a table with a summary of all you need to know, be it the release date, software version, download link (where possible) or even the changelog.

Date EMUI version & Android OS Changelog
04 Mar 2019 | Android 9 Optimizes mistouch prevention
25 Feb 2019 | Android 9 January 2019 security patch
21 Jan 2019 | Android 9 Installs EMUI beta based on Android 9 Pie on models ANE-AL00 and ANE-TL00
07 Jan 2019 NA Android Pie (EMUI 9.0) preparation has begun as Huawei is now recruiting beta testers in China; Huawei said users can expect first beta release by January-end
28 Nov 2018 | Android 8.0 Installs November 2018 security patch
14 June 2018 | Android 8.0
Installs June 2018 patch, Adds the Nova 3e watermark to photos taken with the rear camera after enabling this feature, Improves connection stability when using HiSuite to connect your phone to your computer, Automatically adjusts the charging voltage based on surrounding temperature changes to balance the phone temperature and charging speed, Improves touchscreen sensitivity in certain scenarios.
18 May 2018 | Android 8.0 Improves the Face unlock success rate in dim light and the stability of Bluetooth connections, and optimizes touchscreen sensitivity.
02 May 2018 | Android 8.0
Optimizes the photographing speed of the front camera in high-quality mode and supports the video RBT function of China Mobile and system power consumption in certain scenarios for extended use.
13 Apr 2018 | Android 8.0 Installs April 2018 patch, Optimizes Camera performance in low-light conditions, normal mode and Beauty mode, Improves touchscreen sensitivity in some scenarios, Fixes an issue where Face unlock failed to work properly in some cases, Adds a feature to hide the notch.
29 Mar 2018 | Android 8.0 Installs March 2018 security patch,
Optimizes Camera performance in low-light conditions, and improves touchscreen sensitivity in some scenarios, Improves touchscreen sensitivity in some scenarios, Adds the third-party provided Network optimization feature in the Game Suite app, and Fixes an issue where the display for Gallery and third-party apps was abnormal in some scenarios.

Huawei Nova 3e Android 9 Pie update [EMUI 9.0]

  • Huawei is now rolling out EMUI beta based on Android 9 Pie in China
  • Stable update could be out in China in March 2019
  • Global rollout expected in March-April 2019

We expect Huawei to release the stable update in China in March. The global rollout of the Android Pie update for Nova 3e could also take place in March but we won’t be surprised if it’s pushed to April 2019.


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