Huawei Made Next Nexus Smartphone to Employ Kirin Processor


A few days back, there was evidence to prove that Huawei will be making the Nexus smartphone as a confirmation from an iSuppli analyst came to light. Back then we did not know any details of the smartphone in question.

Now, a report has starting making rounds online suggesting that the Huawei made Nexus smartphone will be using the manufacturer’s proprietary Kirin processor. The latest Kirin 930 processor made its way to the MediaPad X2 smartphone and it is known that the chipset will be used in most of the upcoming models.

Well, there could be doubts of why Google should be using a HiSilicon made Kirin SoC in its flagship smartphone, but the processor has undergone many transitions over the years. It is competent enough to stand up against the dominant players such as Qualcomm and MediaTek.


HiSilicon was established in 2004 and it generated over $1.4 billion revenues in 2013. Moreover, it is the best IC design company in the Chinese market.

When it comes to the HiSilicon Kirin 930, it is an advanced processor that is built on the 16 nm processor that is much better than the 20 nm process that the Snapdragon 810 is based on. Also, the Kirin 930 processor supports 64 bit computing and it uses a 2 GHz octa core processor based on the ARM big.LITTLE architecture that is power efficient. Furthermore, the processor supports up to 32 MP camera sensors that is too impressive.

Notably, the firm announced in 2014 that it will be selling chips to other companies in order to increase its market share. May be the next Nexus smartphone is the smartphone that Huawei meant.

Whatever it is, we cannot conclude anything regarding the incorporation of the Kirin processor in the next Nexus smartphone until Google or Huawei officially confirms the same.

Source: Mobile-Dad, Via: GizmoChina