Huawei Likely to Manufacture Next Nexus Phone

huawei nexus phone

Google’s Nexus devices are always highly anticipated as they are the first ones to come with the next iteration of Android operating system. The devices are preferred by many who like to experience stock Android with latest features and enhancements.

While there are several months left for the launch of the Nexus devices for this year, there are rumors that Huawei could be the next hardware partner of Google.

Well, this information comes in from GizmoChina as it is aware of the Chinese vendor’s moves. The report claims that the details have been confirmed by Kevin Yang, the Director of China research at iSuppli.


The report adds on that partnering with Huawei will give Google a greater presence in the Chinese market where the former has a stronger foothold. Eventually, a Nexus device launched by Huawei will be doing a great job in the Chinese market. But, it remains to be seen if a Nexus device by Huawei will be successful in the western markets.

Notably, this is not the first time we are hearing about a Huawei Nexus smartphone as a previous rumor also from Weibo, the Chinese social network from an anonymous source suggested the same. But, it added that the cheaper Nexus device of the two that will be launched this year will be from Huawei. The higher end model is likely to be made by LG even this time and it is expected to be a variation of the LG G4.

Source: Weibo,Via: GizmoChina