Honor V9 Android Pie update news and more: EMUI beta available in China; stable version gets Jan 2019 patch

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January 21, 2019: Huawei has a new software update to the Honor V9 with EMUI The update is targeting the Chinese variant and besides installing a new Android security patch for January 2019, the V9 also adds VoLTE support, fixes the problem of blackening the lower boundary of a special scene, and fixes an issue where a particular scenario could not be applied separately.

On top of the above, the V9 is also getting support for new full-screen gestures for better navigation as well as system optimizations. It’s an OTA update that is still limited to the Chinese market, so it should take a few days before all units get the download notification.

For those who are not taking part in the beta program, a new EMUI update is rolling out with the latest Android security patch for January 2019 alongside the usual system enhancements and optimizations.

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For all your Huawei Honor V9 news, download links, and changelogs related to software updates be it regular EMUI updates or major Android OS upgrades, we have it all on this page. Since software updates come out every now and then, this page will be updated regularly to reflect the latest information available.

Honor V9 is sold in multiple markets across the globe and while there are several variants, all of them (especially the global units) basically receive the same updates, so be sure to keep this in mind during your visit on this page.

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Honor V9 software update timeline

  • Android 9 Pie beta available
Date EMUI version & Android OS Changelog
21 Jan 2019 | Android 8.0 January 2019 security patch
17 Jan 2019 | Android 9 January 2019 security patch, Adds VoLTE support, Fixes the problem of blackening the lower boundary of a special scene, and Fixes an issue where a particular scenario could not be applied separately
22 Nov 2018 | Android 9 Installs Android 9 Pie beta with EMUI 9.0 on models DUK-AL20 and DUK-TL30
15 Dec 2018 | Android 8.0 December 2018 security patch
12 Nov 2918 | Android 8.0 November 2018 security update
11 Oct 2018 | Android 8.0 October 2018 security update
23 Sep 2018 | Android 8.0 September 2018 security update, GPU Turbo

Honor V9 Android 9 Pie update

  • Android 9 Pie beta now available
  • Stable version expected in late 2018 or early 2019

Huawei Honor V9 has multiple variants, two of which are now receiving an update to EMUI 9.0 beta based on Android 9 Pie. The update is only available to those who submitted their interest when the company announced the program for the device back in October 2018 and is available over the air as EMUI In order to qualify for the OTA update, one must be using at least EMUI on either of models DUK-AL20 or DUK-TL30.

It’s worth noting that the Honor V9 is also known as Honor 8 Pro (DUK-L09) in other markets and while we expect Pie to be released for this device, we still have no news about if and when the beta update will also be released.

For more on Honor 8 Pro Pie update news, check out this page.

If you have any questions regarding Honor V9 (Honor 8 Pro) software updates, let us know about them in your comments below.

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