Huawei Honor 9 leaks out in Black color!

Honor 9_1

Alleged renders of the upcoming Huawei Honor 9 leaked earlier this morning giving us a glimpse at the smartphone’s design. Now, we have a few more renders coming in straight from China.

As you can see, the image renders reveal a black colored Honor 9 which looks absolutely gorgeous with neatly curved edges and glossy finish. However, the design, for the most part, seems to remain same as seen on its predecessor except for the change in fingerprint sensor placement.

Yes, the company appears to be bringing the fingerprint sensor to the front. We are not sure if the “Smart Key” feature will remain intact, though. Apart from these, the Honor 9 doesn’t seem to bring any other changes externally.

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The smartphone still has the dual camera setup on the back along with laser autofocus and dual LED flash.

There’s no word on the internals of the device just yet. However, as a matter of fact, the Honor 9 should bring along incremental upgrades hardware wise.

Source: ichangezone

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  • Vishal Giri

    design looks same as the predecessor but this new black color sure looks awesome!!!

  • Rishab Warrier

    I love how the edges seem to be curved .All the manufacturers seem to be adapting the curved edges on their releases

    • Ashwin Prasad

      On the flipside, the screen is more prone to shattering during drops and bumps. Although Gorilla glass does do its fair share.

      • Rishab Warrier

        Well if simple bumps and drops would damage the phones the manufacturers wouldn’t release them as that would complete damage their image.The screens are put through above average testing to make sure that in daily usage the screens don’t crack.Ofcourse the edges are more prone to damage but that too could be fixed with a case XD

        • Ashwin Prasad

          It’ll always be more prone to breakage than a not curved edge screen, period. That’s the design flaw with curved edge displays. Im not complaining. I love the curved glass too. Gives a premium feel and amazing aesthetics. But like everything, it has its pros and cons. Although the pros highly outweighs the cons, it is what it is. (:

  • Vasu Sumanth Chowdary

    design & specs were remain same only the change is colour.

    • Rishab Warrier

      Its the same phone buddy,This is just a variant with a different colour .

      • Hillary Keverenge

        Look at the position of the fingerprint scanner. It’s on the back for the Honor 8.

        • Rishab Warrier

          Oh my bad I thought he’s talking about the Honour 9 from the previous Post XD sorry

  • Ryan Cedric Reyes

    its gorgeous. i love black. this is awesome design. great job!

    • Luka G

      I agree, Jet black looks nice!

    • Ashwin Prasad

      The black has that stealth to it which is impeccable

  • Black is classy and stealthy, no matter which phone we consider. It should be a standard colour variant in all phones

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