Honor 8X Pie update: Android 9 beta arrives on Max variant; EMUI 9.1 beta also available for standard model

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April 27, 2019: The standard Huawei Honor 8X has a new update in China. The device becomes among the first to receive EMUI 9.1 beta, which Huawei says is meant to streamline and enhance the quality of your experience. There’s more to this story here.

It’s unclear when the global model will get this same update, although it’s still worth noting that the rollout in China is limited. This suggests that it could take several weeks before the global public version arrives.

April 18, 2019: Huawei is rolling out a new EMUI 9.0 update that installs Android 9 Pie beta to the Honor 8X Max, over a month after the standard Honor 8X got the stable update.

Honor says you must have installed EMUI in order to receive the OTA that installs EMUI beta with Pie to the Honor 8X Max. The update is available for models ARE-AL00, ARE-AL10, and ARE-TL00, which are all Chinese variants.

April 04, 2019: A new update is available for the Honor 8X as EMUI The OTA is rolling out in China and besides installing a new March 2019 security patch, the update also optimizes camera performance and stability and improves its launch and photo taking speeds, optimizes mobile data network stability for better Internet browsing, and improves smoothness in certain games.

The rollout has just started, so be patient as you wait. Also, the update might take time before all regions join the party, although the OTA might arrive carrying a different version to the one rolling out in China.

Just so you know, your Honor 8X must be of type JSN-AL00, JSN-AL00a, or JSN-TL00 and installed with version in order to get the latest build.


Honor 8X software update timeline

DateEMUI version & Android OSChangelog
23 Apr 20199.1.0.200 | Android 9The first EMUI 9.1 beta update. Adds more features and effects to Huawei Vlog, optimizations to HiVoice, and more
04 Apr 20199.0.1.163 | Android 9March 2019 security patch, Optimizes Camera performance and stability, and improves its launch and photo taking speeds, Optimizes mobile data network stability for better Internet browsing, and Improves smoothness in certain games
03 Apr 20198.2.0.175 | Android 8.1Improves stability in certain scenarios
11 Mar 20199.0.1.156 | Android 9Installs stable Android 9 Pie with EMUI 9.0 in India, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific markets
26 Feb 20199.0.1.156 | Android 9 (beta)Yet another Android 9 Pie beta update. Installs February 2019 security patch for models JSN-AL00, JSN-AL00a, and JSN-TL00. The update also improves Huawei Share user experience and optimizes recording stability and clarity in certain scenarios
25 Feb 20198.2.0.165 | Android 8.1January 2019 security patch for models JSN-AL00, JSN-AL00a and JSN-TL00
19 Feb 20198.2.0.161 | Android 8.1February 2019 security patch in India. The same changes are also part of EMUI update in India
02 Feb 20199.0.1.132 | Android 9Installs EMUI (C432E1R1P1log) beta in Europe, brings the first Android 9 Pie update in the region
26 Jan 20199.0.1.150 | Android 9Another Pie beta (fourth) in China. Installs new brightening theme, optimization text display along the edges, bug fixes for Taobao interface, fixes an issue in which exceptions are displayed in some cases, and multi-task interface split-screen buttons do not display under certain scenes
23 Jan 2019Android 9 Pie betaHonor India opens beta testing program for EMUI 9.0 based on Android 9 Pie. Install Huawei Beta APK to access the Pie beta on your Honor 8X
17 Jan 20198.2.0.160 | Android 8.1Installs EMUI (C675CUSTC675D1) update with December 2018, the OTA update also adds 3D lighting effects to Portrait mode and AI photography mode to the camera, ViLTE support, improves call stability and display of certain interfaces.
17 Jan 20198.2.0.150 | Android 8.1same as above
16 Jan 20199.0.1.131 | Android 9This is the third Pie beta. It fixes AR-related camera issues and a problem where library and file management media files are not displayed under partial scenes (China)
04 Jan 20199.0.1.130 | Android 9.0This is the second Pie beta. It adds 3D lighting effects to Portrait Mode, improves face unlock performance in certain scenarios, improves battery performance in standby mode, fixes camera issues, the problem with using the ringtone, and more (China)
11 Dec 20189.0.1.59 | Android 9.0Installs Android 9 Pie beta with EMUI 9.0 on top (China)
03 Dec 20188.2.0.142 | Android 8.1Bug fixes and performance improvements
25 Nov 20188.2.0.140 (C675CUSTC675D1) | Android 8.1November 2018 security patch, fixes audio sync issue with Netflix and Amazon Prime, and more
19 Oct 20188.2.0.133(C00) | Android 8.1October 2018 security patch, WeChat payment fingerprint support, and more
08 Oct 20188.2.0.103(C652CUSTC652D1) | Android 8.1September 2018 security update

Honor 8X Max software update timeline

DateEMUI version & Android OSChangelog
18 Apr 20199.0.1.60 | Android 9Installs EMUI beta with Android 9 Pie in China, the first beta update
03 Apr 20198.2.0.154 | Android 8.1February 2019 security patch in China

Honor 8X Android 9 Pie update

  • Stable Android Pie update available for Honor 8X
  • Honor 8X Max still testing Pie beta

Huawei Honor 8X users in India, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific regions started receiving Android 9 Pie update on March 11, 2019. As for the Honor 8X Max, the beta version arrived on April 18th, with the stable version expected within Q2 2019.


If you have any concerns or questions regarding Honor 8X software updates, let us know in your comments below.


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