Huawei Honor 7 Marshmallow update release is set for Feb 2016

Huawei Honor 7 users pondering over the release of Marshmallow update for their device will be glad to hear this. The company just mentioned it on their twitter handle that they plan to upgrade the Honor 7 to Android 6.0 in February 2016.

We hope that Honor 4X Marshmallow update follows that, and pretty soon too, with gap not extending to more than 30 days.

Launched with Android 5.0 Lollipop, Honor 7 is quite capable when it comes to running Marshmallow update. Packed with 3GB RAM, it more than satisfies the minimum requirement of 1GB RAM for 6.0 update.

Honor 7 users have to rely on Huawei only for this, as unofficial updates aren’t available for the device. With the Galaxy S6 and OnePlus One for example, you have CM13 available, which brings 6.0 straightforward, with stock UI.

Marshmallow was released by Google back in first week of October. So even if Huawei releases the 6.0 update by February, it would be 5 months after Google — which is long time, and a bummer for fans of quick updates when they are considering buying Huawei android device.

Anyway, whenever it comes, Marshmallow update will be a huge one for Honor 7 users.

After the Android 6.0 update, Honor 7 will have the famous Doze mode which hibernates the apps not used in last few days to limit their background activity and save you precious battery.

Honor 7 Android 6.0 update will also bring super control over apps permissions, and the option to find out which app is using how much battery.

All in all, February release of Honor 7 Marshmallow update isn’t quick, but it’s more than welcome. A delay is better than nothing, right?

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