Huawei confirmed to launch next Nexus smartphone, says report

huawei nexus

For quite sometime, Huawei has been speculated to work with Google to launch the upcoming Nexus smartphone. Now, a report from IBT with inputs from a knowledgeable insider confirms the existence of the Huawei Nexus.

The report states that it might be unattractive to hear about a Huawei made Nexus smartphone, but the firm has been doing a lot of hard work in enhancing the quality of its offerings. This is evident with the newly launched Huawei P8 flagship smartphone.

The issue with Huawei is that the firm has not been involved in the international market these years. The Huawei devices were being sold in countries other than China, but not in the U.S. market. The firm was providing ODM devices to the other firms to get them re-branded.


This has changed in the recent years and the firm has progressed to the level of launching a U.S. specific store to enable the buyers purchase the latest smartphones and tablets from Huawei.

Launching a Nexus smartphone is a very significant move for Huawei as it will show the tech world that they have enough reputation to team up with Google in the making of a premium smartphone.

While Huawei is confirmed to be making a Nexus smartphone that will be launched this fall, LG will be making another one that will also be launched in the same time frame.

Source: IBT