HTC Alpine and One X10 to feature MediaTek P10 processor, while Ocean Note is a phablet

Companies at CES this year are killing it with hot new tech and HTC hasn’t disappointed either, with the OEM set to release three new smartphones soon. Previously, the codenames of these devices had leaked out along with the alleged name of one of the devices.

We had learned that the three devices are said to be the HTC One X10, the HTC Ocean Note and the HTC U Play, the later of which goes by the codename Alpine. These three smartphones are expected to be unveiled at HTC’s “For You” conference at CES.

The underdog of the three, the HTC One X10 is rumored to feature the Mediatek P10 SoC inside, while the HTC Ocean Note will be taking the spotlight as the phablet flagship. The Alpine or HTC U Play, rumored to feature a 5.2-inch display, could be another high end device considering that the device may remove the headphone jack.

The HTC One X10 is expected to be seeing a release by Q1 this year. The other two devices may also release in the coming months or so. We’ll have more details regarding this once CES is down, so stay tuned.