HTC Smartwatch is real, will be releasing in first quarter of 2015

2014 has been the year of smart watches, with all major manufacturers unveiling their smartwatches. The Taiwanese smartphone maker, HTC, has been On and Off the headlines in the smartwatch game.

Earlier this year, there had been rumors that HTC had scrapped its plans because they felt it couldn’t content with its rivals. But contrary to what we have heard, HTC is planning big this time around and their smartwatch is due to be released sometime around first quarter of 2015. Though HTC has sent out invitations for an event on Oct 8 in New York, but the company won’t be discussing the smartwatch there, as confirmed by a company spokes person.

Rumor is that the HTC’s smartwatch would be class apart, breaking the conventional notion of smartwatches that we’ve seen so far. And most likely it will be based on Google’s Android Wear platform with HTC Sense user interface on top of the platform making it an intuitive watch with unique features. Hopefully, they would incorporate a sleeker round form factor and better battery backup.

The smartwatch segment with cut throat competition is still failing to impress the majority as only 0.81% of consumers in the west and east own a smartwatch. Will HTC really be able to pull it off? Only time will tell.

via CNET

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