HTC ships to versions of Desire T7 tablets to India for testing

The import export tracking website in India Zauba has been keeping a check on the devices that ship into the country before their official launch. The website has revealed two versions of a new tablet that has been shipped to India from Taiwan.

One of the versions of the yet to be announced slate has been shipped into India on June 26 and it is dubbed HTC Desire T7 DS. The DS in the moniker stands for dual SIM and it is supported by the slate. This device is priced equivalent to $180.

The HTC Desire T7 DS features a 7 inch display and a quad 1.2 GHz processor. HTC has shipped 20 units of this device to the country for the testing purposes. The other version of the slate that has been shipped is the HTC Desire T7 that is a single SIM variant.

As these devices are in the testing phase, we might not get to know the announcement date of the tablets. We will get to know more details in the coming weeks, but it is known that we will not be getting any flagship device from the firm right now.

Via: PhoneArena