Rumor: HTC could sell its mobile business in 2017

The HTC fans, including us, wouldn’t like this. but the latest rumor flowing out of Weibo has it that the company is now really fed up of its mobile business, and, could leave the whole thing behind. If that happens, it would be very sad. But for now, it’s just a rumor, a Weibo weeb — although trusted one — if you want.

To back up the report, there’s even a date being projected. It says that HTC could sell its mobile business if spring of 2017.

But would you be totally surprised if HTC sells its mobile business. It’s not hard to guess who would gazump them up, either. With Lenovo doing Motorola, we can think of Google doing HTC (more Pixels?), but you cannot rule out another Chinese giant to grab HTC’s mobile business either. Asus, anyone?

There were rumors about Asus taking over HTC earlier, but with their own smartphone business doing not that well, they are unlikely candidates for the time being.

Anyway, just thinking about the possibility us upsetting, when we all look forward to HTC 11, expected to be powered by Snapdragon 835 processor, and giving a tough competition to Samsung Galaxy S8.

If HTC does bows out, which OEMs would you look forward to come up with similar sturdy builds? OnePlus, Huawei, other? Certainly, not Nokia, whose leaked roadmap has a mention of smartphones business in 2017, but gone in 2018 plans. Well, let’s hope innovation isn’t hurt because of one major OEM leaving, because it could.

DO let us know your thoughts on this one.

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