HTC Ocean isn’t a fake!

It’s said to be HTC, but it’s far from confirmed right now, but whoever is behind the button-less project we right now know of as Ocean, is surely looking to shake things up a little bit. It seems that the device would have sensors around its body, which would be your gateway to not only power and volume buttons, except that there aren’t any, but also to other intuitive controls, include Google Now/Assistant.

If you haven’t, well start by watching the video below about the Ocean, or let’s say, HTC Ocean — after all, it’s labeled as Sense Ocean.

Given the extraordinary attempt to bring something new and different that the HTC Ocean looks to be, it’s not entirely surprising that people would write it off as a concept. Well, so when you ask Evan Blass, the man behind @evleaks, he can certainly confirm things without needed to cite an exact source, such is the incredible reputation of him.


So, when asked about the, evleaks confirmed his sources say the device is real, and doesn’t spawns from the concept world.

Moreover, there have been rumors that Ocean is not just one phone, but it’s three: Ocean Smart, Ocean Master and Ocean Note.

Let’s see how things shape up. Are you excited for the Ocean Android device?

HTC Ocean Release Date

Well, if this thing is real, it’s still far from release. The HTC Ocean is yet to enter the usual leak territory which includes a hello to benchmarks, FCC, etc. and such.

Right now, it’s hard to say when would it release but it looks destined to 2017. Easily.

Watch out for January or February 2017 launch.

Via Evleaks | LlabTooFer

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