HTC Messages app now available on Play Store

HTC’s proprietary messaging app which goes by the moniker HTC Messages is now available for downloads on Play Store.

You can download it right away (find the download link below) if you are tired of using Android’s dedicated messaging app.

HTC Messages, as you would expect from any other messaging app, allows you send and receive SMS alongside MMS text messages. One can also send group messages if needed.

The app allows its users to back up their conversations and restore them whenever required. Also, you can also setup a block list so that those annoying spam messages won’t irk you anymore.

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Besides, you can also block individual contacts if you don’t want to have a conversation with that particular person.

Other features include searching text messages with keywords, thread view in a conversational style, sorting messages based on time or date, and last but not least, the Secure box to offer some privacy.

Download HTC Messages from Google Play Store


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