HTC may be about to monetize Blinkfeed, update may bring along ads and cash grabs

As all the HTC users out there know, Blinkfeed can be a pretty convenient way to stay in touch with the virtual world to the point that many now rely on it as their complete solution to receive tweets, fb updates and all the virtual news going around in one place. Whats more, it’s completely free.

However from what we have heard recently, that may be about to change as HTC seems to be looking to cash-in the immense popularity of the application by introducing advertisements in the form of sponsored apps and deals on HTC related products.

From what Upleaks has to say on the subject, HTC is in the process of preparing an update that will introduce advertisements onto Blinkfeed, so that the next time you stroll over to the app, don’t be too surprised if you happen to see cash grabs before seeing news or social content.


While according to Upleaks, you would have the option of simply scrolling past, it would be a pain in the neck to first have to wade through a sea of ads before getting to the useful content — and even more so when you stop to consider the fact that HTC devices are pretty premium, usually costing well above $600. Sure, you would still have the option of disabling Blinkfeed, but that would just mean having to do without a perfectly useful application for no good reason at all.

Well, the cat is already out of the basket and we don’t really expect any one to be particularly pleased by the news which is bound to create quite a bit of online buzz. Lets just hope that HTC — which is still in the planning stages — takes enough notice to think better of the plan. We will keep you informed of anything new that takes place.

Source: Phandroid

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