HTC Hima Ace Plus Release Date rumored along with Specs

htc hima ace plus release

HTC Hima Ace Plus is the big brother of next HTC flagship, HTC Hima (One M9)– just like the kin pair of HTC One and One Max. Now, there’s some good news we’re treated to about the Hima Ace Plus, that its release date is set for August or September 2015, which is around the same time you normally see Samsung unveil its Galaxy Note series handset. So, has HTC decided to challenge the Galaxy Note series with larger version of its own flagship? Well, it looks fititng and now likely too, but we think HTC would need to throw a S-Pen like gimmick too, if it’s to contest Galaxy Note 5 successfully.

And we also have rumored specifications of HTC Hima Ace Plus to share with you guys. They’re pretty good like HTC Hima specs, and basically the reason behind why we believe it will battle Note 5. You’re looking at 5.5″ Quad HD display housing underneath it 3GB of RAM, Snapdragon 810 processor, 32GB internal storage, one great 20MP rear camera and One M8’s 4MP ultrapixel in the front, and cool 3000 mAh battery. There is a chance we also see HTC Hima Ace Plus support a microSD card slot, like the One M8, but don’t be too much hopeful about this as HTC has usually avoided this when internal storage provided is 32GB.

The 5.5″ display is said to be bezel-less, while both top and bottom sides of the phone will house a Boomsound speaker. You know, while the display is not as massive as you find on Note 4 (5.7″), but 5.5″ is no less of a big display, and the phone will look pretty large anyway as all current top HTC phones are bigger in size compared to that of its rivals for the given screen size.

With 2.3GHz Octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor and 3GB of RAM running the show, you know it’s simply great. Although, by August or September Snapdragon 810 will be probably not the latest or greatest, but will still be one of the best. HTC Hima Ace Plus specs are really a wishlist, considering the cameras in use, too.

It’s also being reported that maybe, you’ll find a fingerprint scanner on the HTC Hima Ace Plus, which would not sleep even when display is off.

HTC Hima Ace Plus is not expected to be unveiled at MWC (March 2-5), but we could see its little brother, HTC Hima, taking on the stage.

Stay in touch with us as we will bring you more news on HTC Hima and the bigger HTC Hima Ace Plus soon.

Via PhoneArena | Source: 4G News

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