HTC Fitness Band to release in US first?

HTC is set to reveal the One M9 on March 1, at MWC, and along with it, there are rumors of unveiling of the HTC’s first ever wearable too, a fitness band, made in partnership with Under Armour.

There are literally no details, no leaks or rumors, available till date about the HTC’s fitness band, but a rumor suggests that it will be released in American market first of all. It’s possible that Under Armour wants to release it on home soil first of all, but even then, release for other markets wouldn’t take long, we guess.

Last year, HTC adventured into a new territory with the launch of its Re camera, and this year, the trend will continue with a fitness band, it seems.

While we would have loved HTC to launch a smartwatch that would compete with upcoming Samsung’s premium watch, codenamed Orbis, we’d gladly accept a fitness band, too.

The news comes from a well-known Twitter handle by the name of UpLeaks, which has leaked more than few things before, that actually came true.

Via UpLeaks

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