[OTA Download] HTC Desire 820 Dual SIM gets Android 5.0 Lollipop update in India today!

Update: We have added the Android 5.0.2 OTA for your download below, along with a guide on how to install this. Hope you are able to manually install it all by yourself using the link and the guide from below. If you face a problem with OTA installation, sure let us know.

A new software update is heading towards users of HTC Desire 820 Dual SIM variant in India, packing in the much awaited update in Android 5.0.2 Lollipop.

The Lollipop update’s software version is 2.10.720.1, and is sized pretty heavy at 987.53 MB which is okay as it’s a major Android OS upgrade with improvements to HTC Sense UI too.

It’s easily disappointing that the Desire 820 Dual SIM is getting Android 5.0.2 update at a time when we’re talking — downloading and playing with, actually —  Android 6.0 for Nexus devices.

Anyway, 5.0.2 is Lollipop, and that by no measure is a small update. Cheers to Desire 820 Dual SIM users nonetheless!

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If the Android 5.0.2 update with build no. 2.10.720.1 hasn’t hit your HTC Desire 820 yet, then be sure to try to manually pull it. Go to Settings > About phone, and then check for update under System updates menu.

Download HTC Desire 820 Dual SIM Android 5.0.2 OTA


  • Android 5.0.2 OTA — Link
    File: OTA_A51_DTUL_L50_DESIRE_SENSE60_MR_hTC_Asia_India_2.10.720.1_R-1.22.720.10_release_453049wea2pi2o56gw96qr.zip (990.46 MB)

Supported devices

  • HTC DESIRE 820 Dual SIM, India, model no. 820
  • Don’t try on any other Android device with a different model no. than above, and it has to be Desire Dual SIM in India!

Tip: Check the model no. in Settings > About phone. Or, you could also find the model no. on the packaging box of the device.


Warranty Although it is pretty safe to install an OTA update, but you only will be held responsible if anything bad happens upon following the procedure given below.


Backup necessary stuffIn case your device is wiped off while following the guide below, it’s good to have a backup of contacts, photos, videos and other files already saved on PC.

Step-by-step Guide

Step 1. Download the official Desire 820 OTA update from above.

Step 2. Connect your Desire 820 to PC using a USB cable.

Step 3. Now transfer the OTA update to phone’s storage. Remember the location of it.

Step 4. Reboot your Desire 820 to recovery mode.

  1. Disconnect the phone from PC, and then Power off it.
  2. Press and hold Volume down and Power button (in that order) together until you see anything on screen. This is bootloader mode.
  3. Now, use only volume down to move the selection to Recovery and then use volume up to select it and reboot into recovery mode.
  4. Wait, you’re not there yet. You’ll see a dead Android with exclamation mark. Just press and hold power button for 3 seconds and the while holding it, press Volume Up button once. You will enter recovery mode, and should see stock 3e recovery.

Step 5. In stock recovery, choose ‘install update from storage’.

Step 6. Now, select the OTA update file using volume buttons for navigation and power button to select a file or enter a folder. Once you select file, confirm its install and the update will start installing on your device.

Step 7. When done, you will be back to main screen of recovery. Select ‘reboot system now’ to restart your device and welcome the official Android 5.0.2 update from HTC.

That’s it.

Need any help? Give us a shout in comments below.

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  • Aryan

    Able to do up to step 4. In step 5 on selecting install update from phone storage , the device automatically restarts .

  • Mark BUsty

    Link is not Working Please provide another or a new one ..

  • Kevin

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  • Pushkar konde

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  • karan naidu

    im not able to switch to the stock 3e recovery mode

  • gio

    where can i find tw version ?

  • TruthovaOTA

    if ur software number isnt 1.22.720.10 it wont work. so if u have sumn like 1.22.708.10 it will fail. (check by going into settings>about phone>software information)

  • Yes, my one is 1.21.707.1
    how to update those one ?

  • Stefan

    Can this instal on htc desire 820s dual sim?

  • GrimReaper

    please note that the file has to be pasted in the phone memory – – – – download folder only then the system will read it. have done it successfully.

  • GrimReaper

    Even rename the file to —————– OTA_A51_DTUL_L50_DESIRE_SENSE60_MR_hTC_Asia_India_2.10.720.1_R-1.22.720.10_release_453049-1

    • Stefan

      Can we put this on desire 820s dual sim?

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    my phone is 820g+ and said installation aborted

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    Currently my phone is crashed due to bad memory card. Could you share the link of the 2.10.720.4 firmware (3 versions next to the firmware you have posted) ?

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  • abhishek

    not installed into 820g+
    is there any way

  • Ozan

    Heyy i have htc desire820g+. And is that working my device??

  • sahil

    If install aborted your lollipop 5.1 so,first you root your device and after install cwm on your mobile and go to cwm recover mode and install your lollipop 5.1 which you save your phone storge .

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      i have htc desire820g+ and it says the installation abrote… I’m phone is rooted.. So what to do

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    Installation Aborted while installing process on Desire 820g+

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    same here Installation Aborted while installing process on Desire 820g+

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    My phone is HTC 820G+ can I upgrade to the new version
    My build number 1. 52. 401.1
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    since when i upgrade to lolipop my camera quality is very bad and it capture blur images . what to do?
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