HTC 10 Nougat update: April security patch making its way to unlocked variant

Update [May 04, 2017]: The unlocked US variant of the HTC 10 is receiving its April security patch as build 2.48.617.1. The update is pretty large weighing in at 532MB so make sure to download over WiFi to save on extra data charges. In addition to installing the patch, the update also provides necessary fixes and minor performance boosts.


Update [April 19, 2017]: Japanese carrier KDDI has begun rollout of Nougat update for its HTC 10. The Nougat OTA comes as software version 2.42.970.15, and weighs pretty big at 1.57GB. On top of all the new bells and whistles that you get with Nougat, power management is a lot more optimized with this update, and a few bugs and issues are also resolved. Since this is a large update, it is better to download over WiFi.

Update [April 13, 2017]: Sprint is rolling out March security patch to the HTC 10. Arriving as build number 2.42.651.63, the update comes in huge at around 605MB in size. And while HTC has only mentioned a security update in the changelog, we guess it carries some major bug fixes or performance improvements as well, given the size of the update.


Update [April 12, 2017]: HTC is now seeding the March security patch to the unlocked HTC 10. The update is identified as build number 2.46.617.2, and is sized at around 560MB. The Nougat based update will also include minor performance tweaks and system stability optimizations. Since this a moderately large update, ensure that your device has at least 50% charge and download over WiFi.

Update [March 30, 2017]: Late but finally, the Verizon Wireless HTC 10 sets are now receiving the Nougat update. The Android 7.0 OTA comes as software version 2.41.605.12, bringing in new features like multi-tasking via split-screen mode, quick switch to previous app via double tap on Recents key, advanced data saver mode, advanced improved doze mode, revamped settings app, and rethought-out notifications shade which shows the alerts in bundles, while also getting you direct reply feature for messages and chats.


Update [March 17, 2017]: HTC 10 sets at T-Mobile are receiving the January security patch now, as software version 2.41.531.3. The OTA update runs at around 650MB, which is surely too large for a bug fixer-cum-patch update.


Update [February 20, 2017]: The Sprint HTC 10 has also started receiving the Nougat update today, as it seems the OTA was released earlier today by the carrier. The Nougat build comes as software version 2.42.651.6 and you would need 1.3GB of bandwidth to download it. Apart from the Android 7.0 upgrade, and its new features, the OTA also brings some performance improvements to the device.


Update [February 11, 2017]: The Nougat update is now available for the HTC 10 users in Australia, where it is hitting as software version 2.41.709.3. The OTA update can be checked under Settings > About device > Software updates. The update brings the Android 7.0 features like split-screen, bundled notifications, direct reply, quick switching between apps, revamped settings, etc, apart from adding VoLTE and VoWiFi services. FYI, the HTC 10 Nougat OTA runs around 1.38GB in size, so be sure to use WiFi network to download this.


Update [January 26, 2017]: HTC 10 is now receiving Android 7.0 Nougat update in Canada. The update comes with software version 2.41.666.3 and is 1.26GB in size.


Update [January 24, 2017]: HTC has resumed its Android Nougat update for the UK HTC 10 sets now, with the OTA update rolling out as software version 2.41.401.3. This should be part of the Europe wide rollout , but we don’t have confirmation from users from other countries right now.

HTC-10-Nougat-EuropeThe OTA update weighs in at 1.27GB, and is based on Android 7.0. The January security patch is also part of the 2.41.401.3 build. It should take the update about two weeks to reach all HTC 10 sets in UK, so in case it’s not available for right away, have patience.


Update [January 24, 2017]: HTC is now rolling out a new software update for its unlocked variant of HTC 10 sets in USA. The software version of the update is 2.41.617.3 and comes in at 638.82MB, which is pretty big for an update that is still based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Yes, this is not your Android 7.0 Nougat update, in case you that’s what you were looking for, but hey, your HTC 10 still performs pretty good at Marshmallow, and Nougat is surely around the corner. The build 2.41.617.3 also packs in January security patch, so there’s some credit for HTC here in keeping the device up to date.


Update [January 19, 2017]: The Android 7.0 Nougat update for the HTC 10 users is now available in Thailand, as the screenshot below shows. The OTA comes as software version 2.41.709.3 and weighs in at 1.38GB. Apart from the update to Android 7.0, the Nougat OTA also brings support VoLTE and VoWiFi while also installing January security patch and improved system stability measures.


Update [January 18, 2017]: Reportedly, HTC has halted the Nougat release for the HTC 10 because of unseen issues with the update, but it’s being said that both One M9 and HTC 10 will soon have the Android 7.0 update rollout resumed.

Update [January 08, 2017]: Full RUU firmware for T-Mobile HTC 10 Nougat update with build 2.37.531.5 now available. Grab it from our HTC 10 firmware download page.

Update [January 04, 2017]: The much awaited Android Nougat update is now available for the T-Mobile HTC 10, as build 2.37.531.5. The build is based on Android 7.0 (no signs of 7.1.1 from HTC yet, BTW) and also packs in few system enhancements (bug fixes and security patch perhaps). Let’s hope the Android 7.0 build for Verizon, Sprint and AT&T is not far from release.


Update [December 29, 2016]: Verizon has come up with a new software update for its HTC 10, identified as software version 1.85.605.9. The latest build brings latest security patch updates from Google, but which version is something not revealed by the carrier, so we assume it’s the December one, the latest right now, we’re talking here.


Update [December 29, 2016]: HTC 10 Nougat update is available for download as RUU EXE firmware file now, which can be download from our HTC 10 firmware page here. The software version of the HTC 10 Android 7.0 RUU is 2.38.617.6, BTW, and it can be installed right away to update to Android Nougat. Make sure you haven’t unlocked bootloader of your HTC 10, and if you did do, re-lock it before trying the RUU.

Update [December 22, 2016]: It’s been almost a month since HTC released the Android 7.0 update for the unlocked HTC 10 devices, after which update front has gone pretty silent, until today. The unlocked HTC 10 sets are in for a new update, that comes as software version 2.38.617.6, at massive 609.58MB. It’s not Android 7.1.1 update, in case you’re wondering, so yes, pretty hefty update for the security patch and stuff.


Update [November 25, 2016]: Okay, as committed by HTC earlier, the Nougat rollout has begun for the HTC 10, with the developer edition trumping other variants as expected. The software version of the Nougat OTA seems is 2.28.617.8, and it comes packing security patch and system enhancements besides the Android 7.0 Nougat upgrade, at 1.1GB.


Update [November 25, 2016]: Right after the HTC 10 Nougat ROM leaked out, HTC official confirmed the update’s rollout for today, Friday, on its HTC USA twitter handle.The update would rollout out for the unlocked HTC 10 sets in Europe first, and then will be available for US carrier variants, Verizon and Sprint likely to get Nougat in December, while T-Mobile and AT&T in January 2017.


Update [November 25, 2016]: In one strange event today, the HTC 10 Nougat update just leaked out on the web, but neither as OTA nor firmware — it has become available as a custom ROM. The software version of the Nougat build seems to be 2.28.401.6, as this is what the ROM is based upon now. The ROM is the most popular one for the HTC 10, and indeed has many fans, but it’s still strange to see a big update come out as a part of custom ROM. What do you think?

Until the 2.28.401.6 OTA or firmware comes out, installing the Viper10 ROM is your only way to get a taste of Android Nougat on HTC 10, which involves breaking warranty of the device as this requires unlocking bootloader of the device first. If you are already into custom ROMs, we don’t think you need to think twice to downloading and installing the Viper10 ROM to get 7.0 right away, but if you’re not, we’d suggest you to wait for the Nougat OTA or firmware, as we’re ever closer to its release, which could happen anytime now.

Update [November 23, 2016]: HTC 10 users in Hong Kong are being handed out a new build in software version 1.96.708.5, which is already available for download as an OTA. Hit up Settings > About device, and then under the system updates section, check for the update. The update, sized 431.11MB, has got some changelog. It brings support for WiFi calling (carrier permitting), while patching your device with latest monthly security patch along with fine tuning system for better performance.


Update [November 17, 2016]: Yesterday, some screenshots became available of the HTC 10 running Android Nougat update. Thanks to leak, we now know for sure that the earlier rumored November end (or early December) release is quite attainable. Moreover, it’s being said that the update would come out as stable version itself directly, so no beta or alpha build with HTC Nougat. Here are some screenshots.

htc-10-Android-7.0-screenshots htc-10-Nougat-leak

Update [November 14, 2016]: Here’s some great news that HTC 10 fans were kind of desperate to hear: the Nougat release date is set at November end (this month only, yes!), and in case that isn’t achieved, the early December looks set in stone. The news comes from very trusted tipster LlabTooFer, who has had perfect record with HTC leaks.


Update [November 09, 2016]: Sprint is releasing a new OTA update today that comes as software version 1.80.651.20. We have the RUU and OTA file available for manual installation at our HTC 10 firmware page, so if you don’t wanna wait up for Sprint to push the update to your device, just go ahead and install it manually. Sprint hasn’t made the changelog available yet, but we figure it’s not a big feature-packing update anyway, and it’s not Nougat at all. You can expect the update to bring October or November security patch. It’s sized around 251 MB, and to check for it, hit up Settings, About device, System updates section to check for update.

Update [October 28, 2016]: HTC is rolling out an update to Bell HTC 10 users in Canada, which ups the software version on the device to 1.53.666.5. As can be seen from the screenshot below, the update packs in improvements to camera and WiFi stability, while increasing system stability (this must be monthly security patches from Google for Android devices).


Update [October 25, 2016]: Verizon has release a new update too this month for its HTC 10, which comes as software version 1.85.605.8. The update’s only aim is to get you latest monthly security patch for Android devices by Google, and nothing else. So, not really an update to drool over, but we hope this is the last 6.0.1 update before the Android 7.0 Nougat build is dropped by HTC. After all, we now have the Moto G4 Nougat (Moto Z Droid) under testing already, so it’s certainly not too much to expect the likes of HTC to start rolling out the Nougat update for 10, One M9 and One A9 very, very soon.


Update [October 20, 2016]: The HTC 10 in Europe is receiving a new update to software version 1.95.401.4, and sized 61.4 MB. The changelog makes only mention of ‘system enhancement’, which we think is the October patch by Google for Android devices.


Update [October 18, 2016]: HTC 10 sets in Taiwan are receiving a 456.99 MB sized update to version 1.96.709.5, and it’s got some changelog. You’re getting VoLTE and WiFi Calling support with the update, along with the latest security patch, which we presume belong to either of October or September of monthly patches released by Google. Read below for the T-Mobile 10 update that also released today. Also, read here about Android 7.1 and 7.0.


T-Mobile HTC 10: Hmm okay, there is even a newer build than 1.81.531.10 — released only about a week ago — available for the HTC 10 at T-Mobile, the software version being 1.81.531.20. And its changelog is pretty small, as all T-Mobile mentions is ‘Android security update by Google’, which is basically your lot of monthly security patch, and this should be October one.


Update [October 14, 2016]: T-Mobile is rolling out a new update identified as 1.81.531.10. While T-Mobile is yet to announce it, even though it has started distributing it already as an OTA, HTC has provided the changelog along with the firmware of build the 1.81.531.10, which says says the update brings the September security patch.

Update [October 07, 2016]: Okay, here is some really interesting bit of info that we think all HTC 10 users who, like us, are a little bit hyped up about the Nougat update, ought to know. Well known HTC software related news leaker, LlabTooFer, has revealed that there will indeed be an Android 7.0 update for HTC 10 as next (major upgrade), and not the direct jump to Android 7.1 from 6.0.1 (current OS). Well, that was kind of expected, but with Google going in for the 7.1 developer preview even for the Nexus devices like 6P and 5X, it was presumed by us that 7.1 update won’t come that quickly to non-Pixel devices, and that Google’s own Pixel sets will be 7.1-exclusive for quite long time. He also revealed earlier that it’s possible that after the October patch security update release, the next one to follow will be the Nougat update itself, possibly carrying November patch.


Update [October 06, 2016]: We’re receiving confirmation from many users that Sprint is now rolling out a new OTA update that comes as software version 1.80.651.10. Based on Android 6.0.1, it’s a security patch carrier update, and there is nothing else part if the deal here. But do read the below about the Android 7.0 Nougat update news, that it’s entered testing and could thus come soon to the HTC 10 near you.

Update [October 05, 2016]: We recently told you about the Android 7.0 update being under testing at Samsung for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, which was confirmed by Sammobile a day later. Today, we believe the Android 7.0 Nougat testing is currently undergoing for the HTC 10, as we just spotted it running 7.0 on a benchmark site, GFXbench.

Have a look at the image after the ad below and the text in paragraph following, to know more about this. Click on the image to enlarge it.


See the image above? Left part is the unknown device running Android 7.0, and right part is the specs configuration for HTC 10. You’ll notice that except for the OS version, everything else matches up all fine. So, yes, HTC 10 running Nougat is being tested as HTC quarters, and we fully believe the HTC 10 Nougat release is very close now — which it should be, as HTC has promised to update all 10 sets around the world, including at US carriers, to 7.0 before the end of this year, along with the One M9 and One A9.

Update [September 29, 2016]: We’re hearing from T-Mobile that the update is under development at the HTC, who should soon provide it to T-Mobile for testing. Although no release dates are given yet, but it’s good to hear the carrier acknowledge it and provide us current scenario/stage of the update. Right?


Update [September 26, 2016]: HTC 10 is receiving a new update in US (see the screenshot below), and it weighs in at 487.74 MB, with software version being 1.96.617.2. The changelog mentions the September patch level, but nothing else, which is surprising given the update size. Anyway, we will let you know more when we discover more. Do let us know if you get the update and notice more on this.

htc-10-update-USA [September 20, 2016]: HTC has begun roll out of software update version 1.95.401.3 for the Europe. The update brings in Pokeman Go optimizations, as well as August security patch along with system enhancements for users. It’s based on Android 6.0.1 and is sized 526 MB though, which is kinda big for what update mentions in its changelog.


Telus recently updated its software update announcement page to give us a date when we can watch out for the Android N update to come out for the Nexus devices. Which basically means the Android Nougat release date, and it’s August 22. That’s this Monday, and we’re hopeful devices like HTC 10, which see minimal of custom skin in use, get the update within 30 days of August 22. Fingers crossed! It would quite a feat achieved for HTC if it’s able to update the 10 by September end, really!

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Goes without saying that, as expected, HTC 10 will be the first HTC device to trot out Nougat update, and that it would be followed by One A9, before One M9 claims its own 7.0 update.

That HTC 10 would receive the Android Nougat update is super-obvious thing, but the announcement did tell us that it will first of all arrive on the 10, followed by the One A9 and M9.

That also helps us in determining to a fair extent when other devices in a particular series lineup could be bestowed with the update. For example, once M9 and A9 get their update, the Desire series sets like Desire 825, Desire 630, Desire 628, etc. and also other popular HTC devices like One S9, etc. would receive Nougat update.

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Moreover, once a Nougat build surfaces for any HTC 10 around the world, its variant like HTC 10 Lifestyle can be expected to receive the Nougat treatment soon enough too. Likewise, one M9 Nougat update it out, its variants like M9 Prime, M9S, M9+, etc. should be next in line to get Android Nougat update.

HTC sets like One E9, Desire 626S, One X9, Butterfly 3, One ME, etc. should be receiving the update too pretty soon thereafter, like 2-3 months later than HTC 10’s Nougat release, or around the same time as One M9 Nougat update.

But when? When could you expect the HTC 10 Android Nougat update to arrive? Let’s try to answer this question, especially because in US, we have got carriers involved, who can and make or break the whole update timing.

Update (August 25th, 2016): HTC just confirmed Android Nougat update release date to be Q4 of 2016 for HTC 10, HTC One M9 and HTC One A9. This includes both the unlocked and carrier versions of the these devices.


International HTC 10 Nougat update


HTC 10 users in Thailand are also reporting Nougat OTA release for their device. The Android 7.0 update for them also brings support for VoLTE and VoWiFi, and carries the software version 2.41.709.3.

HTC released the Android Nougat on November 25, 2016 for the global variant of HTC 10 as software version 2.28.617.8, which is also available for download as RUU firmware file.

True to its promise of Nougat release before this year ends, the company today announced the HTC 10 Nougat update that would start rolling out starting today, November 25, Friday, only.

Knowing HTC 10 and its software, we’re hopeful of a September 2016 release of Android Nougat for the device. Why, you ask?

Well, because HTC has slimmed down its custom skin on HTC 10 to bare minimum, which should allow it to take the Nougat update’s code from Google and work it out for the HTC 10 pretty easily, and more importantly quickly, taking much less time than ever before.

Look no further than Motorola as an example. The company’s latest device in all series (Moto X, Moto G, Moto E, etc.) were rocking Marshmallow way earlier than similar ranged phones from the likes of HTC, Samsung, LG, etc. Even the second last gen of Moto X received Marshmallow before latest gen of HTC and Samsung flagships — which tells a lot about custom skins and their ability to slow the hell down of update’s release.

Yes, September 2016 release is pretty ambitious, and is very quick by HTC standards — it has never released the latest Android OS update that quicker, which is almost within 30 days of the update hitting on latest Nexus devices. BTW, we expect Nougat update to release this month, and current Nexus devices like Nexus 5X, 6P, etc. will be the first ones to receive OTA.

The international version of HTC 10 is expected to get the Nougat update before its US variants join the scene. That happens because for the global unlocked variant, the OEM is in full control as regards software update, while in US, carriers make their own testing, and their approval takes time.

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AT&T HTC 10 Nougat update

Expected release date: January 2017.

Update: HTC announced the Nougat update today, revealing that the rollout would begin for the European 10 sets starting today, November 25, Friday. The expected release date for AT&T HTC 10 is January 2017 right now, thus.

There doesn’t exists an AT&T variant of HTC 10 — you have to buy the 10 unlocked and slip in an AT&T SIM to use it on the second largest carrier in US — but AT&T still affects the updates on HTC 10 sets used with its SIM.

Yes. However strange this may look to you, but it’s the truth.

Actually, AT&T decides the update rollout for devices using its SIM. So, even when an update has been approved and being rolled out for an unlocked 10 by HTC, the carrier still controls the update’s distribution for AT&T SIM-equipped 10s (same goes for any other device too, for that matter).

Knowing AT&T, and its sluggish response to updates rollout, we have to add another few months to the same update for HTC 10 sets being used on AT&T, even though these are technically same as global ones.

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Sprint HTC 10 Nougat update

Expected release date: December 2016.

Update: HTC made the Android 7.0 Nougat update official today, with release set for November 25, Friday in Europe. Sprint’s 10 should get it by December-end 2016.

Sprint is not that bad when it comes to updates. The carrier’s HTC 10 will lag behind the global variant, of course, but it should be among the first ones in US to roll out Nougat update.

Adding some 30-40 days to international rollout would suffice, and thus, we think the October 2016 release date for Sprint 10 Nougat update is a very realistic guess.

Sprint has rolled out an update recently for its 10, with the software version 1.80.651.1, sized around 481 MB, running Android 6.0.1. We also have the firmware RUU of the said update, which allows you to update your Sprint 10 manually, and can also be used to restore the device back to factory state in case anything software goes wrong. Find the latest updates on the Sprint’s official page here.

A new update is available from Sprint from August 31 onwards, carrying the software version 1.80.651.6. The update brings in ‘Android security patches’ and well, nothing else. This is monthly security update we all have to expect and move forward with. No announcement of Android Nougat yet from Sprint, so no official release date either. Firmware is now available.


T-Mobile HTC 10 Nougat update

Expected release date: Released.

Update [January 04, 2017]: As predicted by us, the T-Mobile HTC 10 has received the Android 7.0 Nougat update in January, and that too in the very first week of it. That’s good one from T-Mobile, as we’re yet to see Verizon, AT&T and Sprint come up with Nougat for the HTC 10, even though unlocked HTC 10 received the 7.0 update going back as far as November. Here is a screenshot of the Nougat OTA notification.


Update: T-Mobile 10 should be seeing the Android 7.0 update release in January 2017, as the rollout started today for the international variant of HTC 10 that comes unlocked.

T-Mobile is rolling out a new update for its HTC 10, and while it’s not Nougat, it’s said to be having some positive effect on battery life of the device. The software version is 1.81.531.4. The changelog isn’t available at the moment for the update, but we’ll back with it soon to get you what and what has changed with the latest update.


Verizon HTC 10 Nougat update

Expected release date: December 2016.

Update: The unlocked HTC 10 sets are receiving the update now as HTC official confirmed it on their twitter account. The rollout for Verizon HTC 10 then should happen in December 2017, otherwise early January 2017.

Verizon has been slow with updates for more than last few years, but the carrier improved a lot for Marshmallow’s release. Hence, we can hopeful about the whole Verizon-update-situation this time around, and can expect the Android Nougat to drop for Verizon HTC 10 within maximum of 60 days since its rollout on global variant.

And it’s possible too that Verizon’s 10 gets the update in some 30-40 days since the release on European HTC 10. If you are on Verizon, you definitely need to keep fingers crossed. We can look at how soon the carrier releases the update for devices like Galaxy S7 and Note 7 as further idea on how cool Verizon is playing with Nougat update.

The last update to hit Verizon HTC 10 was 1.19.605.22, and it brought improvements to camera performance and Wi-Fi connectivity. You can follow all updates to Verizon HTC 10 on its official page here.

Update (August 26, 2016): There is a new update available for Verizon HTC 10 users, and it comes as build 1.82.605.6. The update is a as pure a security patch as you would see, as you don’t get anything else from it. Firmware should be available soon.

Canadian HTC 10 Nougat update

Expected release date: January 2017.

Update: HTC released the Android Nougat update for its global unlocked variants today, which means that we can expect the Nougat release in Canada soon. Jan 2017 looks good.

HTC is selling the 10 unlocked in Canada, which means it controls the updates directly. But even then, because of some extra testing for the compatibility with all Canadian carriers, the OEM will need time even after rolling out the Nougat update on global HTC 10 sets, which are technically same as Canadian sets.

Thus, we should definitely add one or two months as an extra for Canadian HTC 10 sets, from the release date for European and Asian variants, which brings us to October-November release.

That’s it.

You let us what do you think will be expected release date for the HTC 10 in European and Asian markets, and how much delay you think will US Carriers cause? Let’s hear it.

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  • I got the US HTC 10 update to 1.96.617.2. It is still Android version 6.0.1.

  • Bob Cocks

    Got the update on my HTC 10 using AT&T SIM today.

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    guys, what’s up with HTC 10 Lifestyle? is this device dead in terms of the updates?

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    HTC is dead. My HTC 10 is still stuck at august security update.


    Got a HTC 10 Unlocked version in Norway, and its 12. January and no signs of Android Nougat.

    • W.B.Trometer

      The same here still on 6.01 i live in central Norway htc is very bad with updates no one in europe have receive this update yet its a shame that they dont come with an official statement that the update is delayed

  • Mike

    Idk about these comments but I’ve had nougat since Thanksgiving 2016 and regularly get an update at the end of the month with the security patches never been modified or tampered with and purchased from and live in us using att sim card. By the way this ad says there is an att HTC 10 there is no such thing .

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    I bought HTC 10 still after 3 months I am waiting for update and waiting for the promise given by HTC for update. I also think HTC is dead now. Still old htc m 8 is working better and a good product still better than 10.

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      It is not better then the 10 maybe you’re delusional thoughts tell u the m8 is better .

    • FFF

      Completely Wrong, Htc m8 can never ever work better than the htc 10 or HTC will shut business and maybe sell fruits instead. I use the Phone to the core, I have Five whatsapps, Three Facebooks, 3 Instagrams, 3 Messengers installed on the phone, and the Phone handles it like a Boss, sometimes i feel like its telling me to “Bring it on, i Accept the Challenge”. I bought a Samsung S7 Edge Exynos Edition, and i sold it in 6 hours since it could not handle it, and it was getting stuck up, Had to come back to the Htc10 and i am really really happy with the phone and its Capabilities, its a very Under Rated Phone….

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    I’m from Iran I android 7 update for my HTC 10 is available now (haven’t downloaded yet)

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      *AND android 7
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  • FFF

    Received my Nougat Update for the HTC Middle East Version here in Dubai Yesterday… It dint pop up i had to go to settings and check for updates,
    so whoever has the AR Version of HTC 10 and is waiting for Nougat, can try to check for Software updates…

  • Nabsq

    Why does the UK version not have VoWIFI / VoLTE update whereas the Thai update does have it?