How to use new Facebook Emoticans

Right now, you couldn’t use Facebook’s new emoticons in every part of the world, but with this cool trick, you will be able to use new emoticons from Facebook right away.

Basically, you need to make Facebook app believe that your device belongs to Spain, or Ireland. Once you are able to do that, and because Facebook’s new app already has new emoticons, they are enabled on your device right away.

Here’s how to achieve this.

Step 1. Download the Facebook app from the play store, or update if you already have it as you need to have the latest version.

Step 2. Go to Settings > Apps/Applications, find the Facebook app, and wipe its data using the ‘clear data’ option.

Step 3. Now, install the Cyberghost VPN app, using which we will be able to connect to an Internet network from Spain or Ireland.

Step 4. Open the Cyberghost app, and select the region as Ireland or Spain.

Step 5. Now, open the Facebook app, and log into it. (You are opening this first time after clearing its data in step 2 above, right? This is required.)

That’s it, you should be able to use the new emoticons now.

Via abo hani

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