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How to trim or shorten your videos on Android

If you take videos from your Android phone, you might have felt the need to shorten it (cut or trim it) at least once. What may seem like a difficult task to do is actually quite easy. You don’t require any super skills to trim or cut your video. All you need is an Android phone (That you obviously have since you landed on this page) and a video trimming app.

It’s not necessary that the video should be taken from your camera, you can use the same app to cut a portion from any other video as well.

Packed with apps, Google Play Store has an abundant collection of video trimming apps. Some of the apps we tried are VidTrim-Video Editor, crop and trim video, VideoCutter, AndroVid. Although every app does the task seamlessly, AndroVid has certain advantages over other apps, and hence we would suggest you this app to trim the videos.

While AndroVid is blazing fast (other apps are somewhat slow), the app also allows you to fine-tune the video selection –interesting feature that is missing in other apps. In addition to that, the app also allows you to extract audio and create a GIF from your clip.

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Sound good?

Let’s get started.

Steps to trim/cut/shorten your videos on Android.

Step 1. Download and Install the AndroVid app from the Google Play Store.

Step 2. Once downloaded, open it. The home screen looks like this:

The app gives you various video editing features like trim, grab frame, add music, merge videos, add text, create a slideshow from photos.

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Step 3. Since our interest is in trimming the video, tap the trim icon which is the first icon in the bunch of icons located in the bottom bar and looks like a scissor.

Step 4. The app will load all the videos in your gallery. Select the video that you want to trim.

Step 5. Selecting the video will open the trim screen. At the bottom, you will find three options.

  • Zoom Options ( + and -): This is another amazing feature of the app that we found missing in other Apps. When you have to crop a big video, it becomes difficult to adjust the time. Since the screen is small and video is of almost 2 hours, one is unable to adjust the time properly.  Zoom makes it easy to adjust the time for large files by zooming in and out of the time slider. The arrows on adjacent sides of the Zoom option allow you to move between the zoomed video.
  • Slider: Drag the red circles to adjust the start and end time of your selection. While the left circle allows you set the start time, the right circle allows you to set the end time.
  • Fine tune: Add to the list of amazing features in this app – Fine tune option. Fine tune allows you to adjust the start and end time by seconds. Similar to selection bar, the left fine tune option allows you to adjust the start time and left option allows you to adjust the end time. Move the option right or left to increase and decrease the time respectively.

Use the above options to adjust your clip time.

Step 6.Once you have adjusted the time and are ready to save your work, tap the scissor icon in the top bar to trim your video.

In addition to trimming your video, you can also extract the music from your clip (Tap the Music icon next to the scissor icon), create a GIF (Tap the GIF icon), and convert the video (Tap the three dots and then press the convert option) into some other format using this app. Truth be told, we love this app.

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Step 7. Once you press the trim icon, the app will show a popup asking you to select your trim option.

Trim: Use the first Trim option to save the trimmed clip as a new file.

Delete Selected Part: If you want to cut the selected portion and combine the rest of the video, use this option.

Step 8. Once the processing is complete, you will get two more options before you can view your file.

  • Overwrite Original: Using this option will overwrite the original file with newly trimmed clip. So, be careful. Use this option when you are sure you don’t need the original file.
  • Save As New: This is a safer and better option to choose while saving your clip. Your original file isn’t altered and the new file is saved with a new name.

Tap the Save as New option to save your file.

Step 9. Instead of saving your file with a predefined name, the app allows you to name your file. In the pop-up menu that shows up, give your file a name and press the Apply button.

Now comes the best part, the app processes and creates the clip at an unexpected blazing fast speed.  (Again, this is missing in many apps.)

Once it creates the clip, tap the video to play it in the app, additionally, the video will also be available in the gallery.

Moreover, the share button in the app allows you to share the video with other apps, including your social networks.

So, wasn’t that just a piece of cake? Go ahead and have fun.

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